Instagram Story Highlights for Your Business

Instagram Stories last for just 24 hours which means that if your Instagram followers miss it, they won’t have access to it any more. Instagram Story Highlights are an effective feature to help solve this problem. With Instagram Story Highlights, your stories will be saved to a highlight which serves as a folder or collection of stories displayed on your profile even after 24 hours have passed.

Just like a folder, highlights have to be named according to the topic or theme of stories they feature and have a cover image or icon to represent the stories inside. They are crucial to help your real Instagram followers view content long after the 24 hour duration of Stories and appear on your profile just below your bio.

Creating Instagram Story Highlights

Instagram Story Highlights can be created in 2 ways:

Manual saving of a story posted

If you’ve posted a Story and want to add it to a Highlight, follow these steps:

  • View the active story first
  • Tap on the Highlight option at the bottom and the + icon to add a new highlight
  • Name the Highlight what you want
  • Click on the blue Add button

It will now be visible to your Instagram followers even after the story’s 24 hour duration.

Archived Stories

If you want to add Stories from your archive to create a highlight, here’s what you need to do:

  • Click on the Story Highlights option under the bio on your Instagram profile
  • Select the + icon
  • Choose the Stories you want to add to your Highlight from the archive and click Next
  • Edit the cover for which Story you want as the Highlight icon
  • Name your Highlight
  • Choose the Done (Android) or Add (iPhone) option

You can even keep your finger pressed on a particular Highlight to edit or delete it.

Adding a cover to your Instagram Story Highlights

If you don’t add a separate cover to your Highlight, the cover icon for your Highlight will be the image or video posted to the Highlight. You can, however, have a cover icon without having to share it to your Story. Here’s how:

  • Save the icon you want as your Highlight cover to the camera roll of your phone
  • Keep your finger pressed to the Highlight and select Edit Highlight
  • Choose Edit cover and select the picture from your camera roll
  • Select Done to have your Highlight cover added

You can even customize your Highlight covers to create a distinct identity for your brand. Canva is a good tool to use for this. Here’s what you need to do to create a custom Highlight cover with Canva for your business:

  • Through your Canva account, look for “Instagram Story” in the search bar
  • Select the “Instagram Story” template to get the right dimensions for your Highlight cover
  • Go to “Elements” in the sidebar and select “Graphics” to choose form several illustrations for your Highlight cover
  • With the text options from Canva, you can also choose a Highlight cover that’s text based
  • Once you’ve made your choice, pick a background colour and then download the design
  • Once it’s saved to the camera roll of your phone, add the customised Highlight cover in the manner already described above

Having a customised Highlight cover can add a distinct brand personality and make your brand more recognisable to your Instagram followers. It can also help you get more Instagram likes on your feed posts and help your audience engage with your brand more. Ultimately, such benefits will mean more business growth, which is essential if you want to give yourself an edge over your competition.

You can add a maximum of 100 photos/videos to highlights, but there’s no limit on the number of Highlights you can have on your profile.

Using Instagram Story Highlights for Business

Instagram Story Highlights can be used in different ways to further your business goals:

Showcasing products and collections

Showcasing products and collections

If you’re launching a new product or collection, adding it to a Highlight will help your Instagram followers keep track of the range of products you offer or give them an idea of your entire collection. You can even Highlight Stories that feature product tags and shoppable stories so that those interested can directly buy your products. By easing the shopping experience for them through a Highlight of your products, you can experience a growth in sales for your business. If your business has a large product portfolio, you can even Highlight products based on their category, making it easier for your customers to view what they’re interested in.

Highlighting tutorials

If you have tutorials or “how to” videos that showcase your products in use or how to operate your products, adding such content to your highlights will make it easy for your audience to get help whenever they need it without having to wonder about how to use a particular product.

Hosting contests and giveaways

Contests and giveaways tend to be time bound and many of your Instagram followers may miss the latest ones if it doesn’t show up on their feed. By adding details of contests and giveaways to your Story and highlighting them, you’ll make it easy for your real Instagram followers to stay up-to-date about the latest contests/giveaways you’re hosting and participate in them.

Posting seasonal content

Some products may be seasonal or you may even be hosting a seasonal event which won’t be available to your customers all year. You may also be offering certain seasonal discounts that your Instagram followers won’t be able to benefit from after a specific period of time. Highlighting such content can draw attention to its seasonal nature and increase the interest of your customers.

Cross-promoting your content on other social media platforms

You may be operating a lot of other social media platforms for your business and it’s crucial to grow your audience on any of the other platforms as well. Getting your real Instagram followers to support you on other platforms can boost engagement rates on these other platforms and lead to overall business growth. Adding a Highlight to update your audience about content posted to other social media platforms can help achieve this goal.

Updating on trending topics

If you’ve got a blog for your business or generally share opinions on trending topics that are relevant to your industry, you can add a Highlight for this. This way, you can share your opinions and your Instagram followers will also become aware of the trending topics in the industry.

Posting user generated content

If you’ve got a branded hashtag and have collected plenty of user generated content through its use, it’s a good idea to post such content as Stories and them highlight them. User generated content is great for your brand because it’s real to your audience. It shows people that you’ve got happy customers and communicates a message about your brand that comes directly from its actual customers. Such content serves as a powerful testimonial or review of your brand for other prospective customers who are likely to be more trusting of it. This can lead to a growth in sales for your business. Apart from this, it also acts as a shout-out to your customers and acknowledges their support, which can help them feel more connected to your brand.

Giving your partners and brand ambassadors a shout-out

As a business, you may have several brand partners and ambassadors working with you to achieve your business goals. Influencer marketing is also something brands are increasingly taking advantage of. Highlights can help you give a shout-out to your brand partners and ambassadors. Not only does this help to acknowledge them, but it also creates a sense of transparency for your Instagram followers.

Promoting your campaigns

If you have upcoming campaigns that you want to promote on Instagram, creating a Highlight of it is a great way to bring more awareness to it. Campaigns can also be for social causes. If your business supports a social cause strongly and is running a campaign on it, such Stories can also be highlighted to increase brand credibility.

Highlighting your business events

Highlighting important events of your business is a great way to keep your audience engaged. Your Instagram followers will be able to view past as well as upcoming events and check up on updates relating to such events. This can help to create hype around business events.

Posting Q&As

If your Instagram followers have questions for you and you do a series of stories answering the questions they have, highlighting it is a good idea so that your responses to such questions can be saved for future reference. You may get repetitive questions from your audience and in such cases, creating a Highlight of FAQs for your brand will save you lots of time in the future. All you have to do is direct your audience to this highlight and let them see the responses for themselves.


Highlights are excellent to prolong the life of a Story, which otherwise, would only last for 24 hours. New Instagram followers can also access them and get to know important details about your brand. Try some of the uses described above and experience the benefits for yourself.

Your Guide to Monitoring and Improving Instagram Analytics

There’s a lot happening on Instagram, and it can be difficult to keep track of. With constant changes being introduced on the platform, it’s crucial to make necessary adjustments based on Instagram’s algorithm if you want to get the most of your Instagram marketing. Monitoring Instagram likes and seeing an increase in the number of Instagram followers you have is just the basics. There’s so much more that you can do to keep track of metrics on Instagram so that you can boost business growth. Here’s a guide to all you need to know about monitoring and improving Instagram Analytics.

Importance of monitoring Instagram Analytics

Marketing on Instagram has become increasingly popular due to the massive number of users visiting the content of business accounts daily. Growing your real Instagram followers can help you:

  • Promote awareness of your brand
  • Establish a strong brand identity
  • Increase the reach of your brand
  • Build loyalty for your brand among customers
  • Experience growth in sales

Instagram Analytics is very important to make sure you’re making the most of your Instagram marketing efforts and that these efforts are producing the desired results. Without monitoring analytics, you may end up wasting your time on strategies and campaigns that aren’t yielding the desired results. You may end up targeting an undesired audience or ignore a mention that could lead to partnerships in the future. You may even be posting too much or too little and your posting may not be at the optimal hours as per your target audience. Monitoring your Instagram Analytics can keep you on track and ensure you’re using these metrics to your advantage.

Instagram metrics you should be tracking

There are several metrics relating to stories, profiles, ads, audience, and individual posts that are important to track. We’ll take you through each category along with the metrics you should be paying attention to.

  • Profile metrics

Engagement rate

This is calculated as average across posts as:

(Interactions on posts divided by the total number of Instagram followers or impressions) x 100

This % drops with an increase in the number of Instagram followers you have.

Growth rate of followers

This is calculated by dividing the number of Instagram followers gained by your previous number of Instagram followers and multiplying this number with 100. Although a vanity metric, this gives you crucial information about organic reach.


This relates to how many times your posts have been seen during a particular period of time.


This shows how many times your posts have been engaged/interacted with based on actions taken by Instagram users.

Profile visits

This shows how many people have viewed your profile over a week.


This shows how many unique accounts your posts have been seen by.


Mentions show how many times other users have mentioned your account handle.

Website clicks

You can also track how many people have visited your website as a result of seeing the link on Instagram. Certain tools allow you to use UTM parameters in the links you add on Instagram, making it possible for you to keep a track of a number of website visits from Instagram, regardless of whether it’s from the link in bio, an influencer reference, message to a friend, or a link that’s been copy-pasted to a browser.

Clicks for calls/email

This shows you details about how many times users have clicked on the email or call button directly from your Instagram account.

  • Audience metrics

Audience metrics helps you get to know whether or not you’re targeting the group you had planned to target while also giving you important details about the demographic breakdown of your audience.

Age group

This helps you keep track of the age group of your Instagram followers and get an idea of which age group is your biggest audience so that you can tailor your content as per the age group of your audience. Instagram Insights breaks this down into the ranges:

  • 13-17
  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55-64
  • 65+


What is the gender of your audience? Who is engaging with your content the most? Details about the gender of your audience can help you create content keeping the needs of that specific demographic in mind.


Seeing the top locations where majority of your Instagram followers are will provide you with useful information about the time zones operating in the different regions and help you post keeping these different time zones in mind.

Instagram follower hours and days

This metric provides you with details about the hours of the day as well as days of the week when your Instagram followers are most active so that you can ensure you schedule your posts at the right time to get maximum visibility and reach. Posting at the right time is very important if you want to see a growth in engagement on your posts and make your posts appear on the Explore tab on Instagram.

You can also use some tools to check the number of tags generated by your audience on your branded hashtags so that you’re able to build a community for your brand and boost business growth.

  • Metrics for individual posts

Checking the metrics for individual posts on your profile will help you get an idea of the kind of messages that your audience is resonating with. Here’s what you need to pay attention to when it comes to metrics for individual posts:


This relates to actions taken as a result of your post whether in the form of a profile visit, checking a hyperlink, or clicking on the call/email button.


This helps you find content from accounts you aren’t following while also helping others find your content even if they aren’t already one of your Instagram followers.


This can tell you how many unique accounts were reached by a post.


This will inform you of how many new Instagram followers you got after making a particular post.


This shows how many times your post is viewed along with a breakdown of where it is viewed on Instagram, whether from the home page, through hashtags, via your profile, or other locations on the platform.


This shows how many comments your post receives.


This shows how many accounts have saved a particular post of yours to their personal saved folder.
You can calculate the engagement rate on your posts with:

Post interactions ÷ total follower count (or impressions) ✕ 100.

  • Stories metrics

Stories are a great way to connect with your Instagram followers and help you reach a wider audience of users on the platform. Monitoring metrics for your Stories can help you make changes to it so that you receive maximum engagement from your Instagram Stories. The metrics to track for Stories include:


This relates to how many times your story is viewed.


This shows how many unique accounts saw your story.


This shows how many replies a particular story of yours got.

People insights

This shows how many people have seen a component of your Instagram story.

Engagement on stories is measured using:

Total actions ÷ Total reach X 100

Navigational actions

This information can help you understand what your audience likes and doesn’t like. Pay attention to the following on your Instagram Stories:

  • Back – how many people watched it again
  • Forward – how many people skipped it
  • Next – how many people skipped your story
  • Exit – how many people left your story mid-way through
  • Metrics for Instagram ads

Click-through rate

This shows how effective an ad is and whether or not your call to action was compelling. This is derived by dividing the number of clicks received by an ad by number of impressions for your ad and multiplying this by 100 to get a percentage.


This can give you crucial details of whether or not your ad resulted in a conversion.

Different data serves different goals

Different metrics can provide you with information that helps to further different business goals. You need to decide what your goal is from the platform before focusing on a particular metric as the importance of these may differ according to your specific business goals.

Boosting brand awareness

If your goal is to experience growth of your brand and create brand awareness among consumers, pay attention to:

  • Follower count
  • Impressions
  • Reach

Lead generation

For lead generation, the following metrics need to be monitored:

  • Website clicks
  • Follower hours and days
  • Clicks on email/call option

Community building

If your goal is to build a community of loyal Instagram followers, pay attention to:

  • Comments
  • Replies to Stories
  • Engagement – on ads, profile, posts, and stories

Some ways that you can improve these metrics are by:

  • Creating engaging content
  • Asking questions to your audience
  • Writing great captions
  • Posting high quality pictures and videos
  • Using the right hashtags
  • Using location tags
  • Running contests

Optimizing your content for Instagram’s search engine will help you appear on the Explore tab of users and boost business growth.

Instagram Analytics Tools

Besides using Instagram Insights, you can also use other tools to track important metrics for your Instagram account. These are:

  • Hootsuite
  • Squarelovin
  • Iconosquare
  • Sprout Social
  • Keyhole
  • Union Metrics
  • HypeAuditor


With just a little learning, you can uncover the world of Instagram and use the data generated by Instagram Analytics to effectively plan your marketing campaign.

How You Can Get More Likes on Your Instagram Posts

A like on Instagram is represented by double-tapping a post or clicking on the heart icon below it. Finding ways to increase the number of Instagram likes you get is crucial for the growth of your business. More Instagram likes signals to the Instagram algorithm that your content is something Instagram followers are engaging with. This results in greater engagement rates for your Instagram account, making it easier for a wider audience to find you on the platform. Here are some ways that you can ensure you get more Instagram likes for your posts.

Post engaging content

Posting high-quality content is the basis for getting more likes on Instagram and building an audience of real Instagram followers. You can’t afford to compromise on the quality of your content. Engaging content starts with posting high-quality photos that can automatically capture the attention of your Instagram followers. Using the right equipment to take high-quality photos is necessary if you want to set your account apart from your competition. Following a consistent theme for your account by using 1-2 filters can give your brand a personality and make it easily recognizable for your Instagram followers. Color plays a huge role in the human mind, so be sure to stick to colors that help enhance your photos.

Apart from just high-quality photos, engaging content requires an engaging caption. You need to use the right words to complement your photo so that you can get more Instagram likes on your posts. Your caption should create a story and include a call to action, making it easier for your followers to be drawn to your posts. You can also post content that capitalizes on trending topics to get more likes on your posts.

Make use of the right hashtags

Hashtags are very important as they help your content show up along with other related content on Instagram, making it possible for you to reach a targeted audience. Putting time into researching the right hashtags can help you gain more Instagram likes on your posts. Make sure you look up the related hashtags recommendations on Instagram because this way, you can be sure that you’re selecting niche hashtags based on the Instagram algorithm. You should also use local as well as popular hashtags after conducting research on what your target audience and competitors are using. There are also many tools that you can use to find relevant hashtags to include in the caption of your posts. You can also experiment with branded hashtags and see the results they generate.

Utilize photo and location tags

If you’re featuring a post with an influencer or some other account, be sure to tag them in your post. This increases the chances of your post showing up on the Explorer tab of their Instagram followers, giving you a wider reach and increasing your chances of getting more engagement. Location tags are also very important if you want people to find you on Instagram and connect with your brand easily. When you’re tagging accounts and location, make sure it’s relevant and not spam, otherwise, it won’t help you reach your target audience.

Post at the right time

If you want to get more Instagram likes on your posts, you must analyze insights to see when your audience is most active on the platform. This will vary depending on the target audience, but with the help of Analytics, you can access this crucial information to make sure you post at the right time, as posts on Instagram feeds appear based on recency. The quicker engagement your post gets, the more likely it is to reach a wider audience and even show up on the Explore tab.

Be consistent

Posting consistently will give your real Instagram followers something to look forward to and establish your credibility as a brand. Maintaining an account by posting consistently can be hectic, which is why making use of a scheduling tool can save you time and effort when it comes to consistent posting. Using a scheduling tool, content for weeks/months can be created and uploaded to a content calendar so that automatic posting can be done as per schedule without you having to put a stop to everything else in your life just so that you can maintain consistency in your posting.

Benefit from an engagement group

Engagement groups on Instagram function based on a “like for like” policy where users mutually agree to like/comment on others’ posts once they’re uploaded. A direct message is sent out to members of the group as soon as a post is published so that it receives higher engagement and reaches a larger audience.

Run contests and giveaways

Contests and giveaways can be a great way to get more likes on Instagram. You can offer a desirable prize for the winner of your contest/giveaway to encourage more people to participate. The prize must be something your real Instagram followers will value and not just something that will attract opportunists to participate in the contest/giveaway. Here, you can ask people to like the post, tag another account, or even share it to enter the contest/giveaway. This will not only get you more Instagram likes, but it will also help you reach a wider audience and get more Instagram followers through a greater number of shares.

Re-share your content on other social media platforms

Re-share your content on other social media platforms

Cross promoting your Instagram content on other social media platforms of your business can help you maximize the benefits from your followers on all these other platforms as well. You can directly post your Instagram content to Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter when you make a post, but such posts may appear differently on different platforms due to character and image restrictions. Letting your audience on other social media platforms know about your Instagram handle can get them to follow you on Instagram and fetch you more Instagram likes for your content.

Post behind the scenes footage

Posting behind the scenes photos/videos can help you get more Instagram likes by establishing a more personal connection with your audience. The digital world can sometimes feel far removed from reality, and your Instagram followers may have a hard time connecting with you if they don’t feel a more personal connection with your brand. By posting behind the scenes footage, you can showcase your brand’s personality better and help to erase that dividing line between you and your followers.

Post user-generated content

One great way to get more Instagram likes for your posts is by posting user-generated content on your profile. User-generated content can be gathered by making use of a branded hashtag that your Instagram followers can include in the caption of their posts. People are generally skeptical of marketing messages from brands directly as there’s an obvious monetary incentive involved in brand promotion. User-generated content, on the other hand, helps to showcase just how your customers are using your products and how much they love them. When people see actual users of your products sharing their opinions, they’re more likely to believe the review and end up buying the product. The engagement created by user-generated posts is very different from what can be created through a paid partnership or a brand deal.

Engage with posts featuring similar content

If you want to increase engagement for your posts in the form of Instagram likes, it makes sense for you to engage with the posts of other accounts featuring similar content or content related to the same industry. By liking and commenting on such posts or even following such accounts, you make it possible for the audience of that account to come across your Instagram profile more easily. Once you’re able to reach a wider audience, you can get more Instagram likes from them by posting engaging content.

Make use of Instagram ads

While using Instagram ads isn’t free, it’s a great way to increase the reach of your posts. On a platform as big as Instagram, an organic reach can only get you so far. Paying for Instagram ads can help you reach out to a wider audience and fetch you more Instagram likes. If you’re making great posts but still aren’t getting the kind of engagement you had hoped for, deciding on an ad budget for your posts can help you see great results.

Ask questions and post quotes

Asking your Instagram followers questions related to your brand and the type of content they’d like to see can be a great way to get more Instagram likes. Not only will this make them feel like their opinion matters to you, but it will also give you information about the question asked that can help you make decisions about your business. Posting relevant quotes on your profile can also help to get more likes because it captures attention, and those who agree with the quote will end up liking it.


Instagram likes may seem to be nothing more than vanity metrics, but they’re extremely important for the Instagram algorithm. Likes can help your content appear on the Explore tab, fetch you more Instagram followers and boost business growth, so focusing on posting content that gets you more likes is very important for your business. Mr. Insta can help you out with this.

All You Need to Know About Explore – Instagram’s Discovery Destination

Instagram, a social media platform that has connected millions of people all over the world, is offering ample opportunities to businesses to showcase their products and services ideally. You might have seen several ads on this social media platform that are ideally posted by businesses to increase their Instagram followers. As a business, you would want real Instagram followers who can benefit your business. Right? What if you are given an opportunity to hit the jackpot when it comes to increasing your Instagram engagement?

Have you heard of the Instagram Discovery destination?

Ads are seen on every social media platform and are found everywhere on Instagram as well. Ads are a way for businesses to reach out to potential customers. As a customer, when you scroll down on the feeds, you will notice several ads that might interest you. But as a business, how can you place your ads to ensure that you reach out to the right customer and aid in the growth of your business?

Instagram ads are posts or stories that are targeted towards possible customers. These posts appear on customer feed and look like any other Instagram feed, but are identified under the ‘sponsored’ label. These posts are accompanied by a call to action that helps a business to drive conversion or traffic. As the number of Instagram users increased, more advertisers started using the platform. The social media platform already allows advertisers to post ads in customer feeds and stories, and the explore tab was untouched, until now.

The explore tab and advertising!

Many people believed that bringing ads to the explore tab of Instagram would just kill the experience the social media platform drives. Instagram is a free platform for users, but it is an ad-run business. To meet business’ expectations, it has to let advertisers invest in the untouched digital real estate, the explore tab on Instagram.

The ‘Explore Tab’ is Instagram’s discovery destination, which opens up a new world of feeds that users are interested in. It is considered as the holy grail of Instagram users who want to be found, who want more interaction and activity on their page, irrespective of whether they are a huge business, a celebrity, an influencer, or even a regular user. Until now, advertisers were never allowed access to the holy grail, and the explore tab was an untouched land of opportunities to businesses looking to promote their brand.

The Instagram algorithm learns about user behavior to make their experience more pleasurable on the social media platform. The explore page was made more personalized based on the user’s interests, Instagram likes, and various other activities online. It is tailored to find the most interesting content that the user has developed and constantly changes based on the accounts followed, Instagram stories and IGTC content watched, likes and comments shared, and the user’s behavior on the app. Based on user behavior, Instagram ads can be placed to increase viewer interest as Explore is the ideal place for businesses to connect with their potential customers.

Benefits of advertising on Instagram Explore!

Instagram’s discovery destination, ‘Explore’ has several key benefits to offer to businesses eager to advertise. From spiking your engagement on the social media platform to getting more conversions, Instagram Explore offered a lot of benefits that included the following.

Your ads will appear in the viewer’s browsing experience

One of the best and the most significant benefit of advertising on Instagram Explore is that you can reach out to potential customers as your ads will appear on their Explore page based on their browsing history. Instagram uses the user algorithm to increase viewer experience, which can be well utilized by advertisers.

You can reuse your existing feed ad creative

Instagram lets you leverage on and target the same people by using the existing feed ad creative in Explore as well. Instagram Explore allows all major feed formats that you can benefit from as you need not invest more an creating new feeds. The two places where you can deliver ads include Instagram Explore Feed and Instagram Explore Video.

You can extend the reach of your campaign

Ads that are posted in the Feds can be extended to Explore to increase the efficiency of an existing campaign. As an advertiser, you can drive towards efficiency gains by extending your Instagram Feed to the Explore placement.

The ads that you post on Explore will appear in the same format as it appears in Instagram feeds. Similar to the Feeds, if a potential customer clicks on a video or a photo from Explore, they may begin to see your advertisement in their browsing experience. To be able to explore all the benefits, you must first know how to get your business on the Instagram Explore page

Why should you get on the Instagram Explore page?

The Instagram Explore tab is connected to the social media platform’s search platform and is customized to some degree. You find photos and videos that pique your interest, from accounts that you don’t follow. The feeds in the Explore page are based on

  • The posts that accounts you follow have liked
  • The posts that have high engagement
  • The accounts that are very similar to the ones that you already follow

Instagram refurbished the Explore page in 2019 to offer maximum comfort to users to navigate to feeds that interest them. It offered the navigate option for users to be able to browse through the feeds based on their interest, and IGTV and Shopping tabs as well. As a business or as an influencer, you would want to be a part of this page for the following reasons.

  • It helps to increase existing customer engagement
  • Your content is surfaced to a wider audience that enables you to bump into new followers
  • It increases engagement of new followers
  • It offers possibilities of conversion if you have the right call-to-action.

By landing the right feed on Instagram Explore, you can reach out to many potential customers. In simple, your presence here will ensure that your content is viewed by more people. Now the question is, how to get featured on the Instagram Explore page?

How to get featured on the Instagram Explore page?

For advertisers, being able to offer their content on Instagram Explore is a huge opportunity as this discovery destination is still untapped widely. Just like in the main feed, viewers will see ads as a part of their browsing experience after they tap on a photo or video. Advertisers can use Explore automatic placements with the ‘opt-in to reach audiences’ option to reach a new audience who was looking to discover something new and exciting on Instagram.

A business, a celebrity, an influencer, or just a regular person, here are some tips to get featured on Instagram Explore.

Pay attention to the analytics:

Have you experienced a sudden increase in engagement? There is a high chance that some of your feeds are already appearing on Instagram Explore, which may have missed your radar. Use your analytics to understand the content that resonates with Explore. You can do this by tapping on the View Insights button that is placed underneath your post. You can gain a lot of metrics around your post and its performance which you can make use of.

Find the right time to post

Posting at the right time is the perfect win. For high engagement, the Instagram algorithm suggests prioritizing timeliness or recency. To ensure that you post at the right time, you must know when your viewers are active on Instagram, as well as when the prospective audiences are online.

Make sure that you honor your overall aesthetics on Instagram stories

You must ensure that your brand principles, style, and aesthetics are present in everything that you post. Content that is similar to a typical feed post is more likely to appear on Explore. It means that you need to nail your aesthetics every time you post something, regardless of what it is.

Don’t forget, videos are taking center stage

Due to the addition of Instagram Stories and IGTV, video content is taking all the attention on the Explore. Dedicate some time to IGTV as well as to convert your photos into video, especially if you have many photos that can attract attention. Don’t forget to create and post short videos that feature your product or the product that you want to promote in your feed.

  • Showcase the product, the brand and make sure that it gets more attention
  • Tag the products in the feed to appear in the Instagram shopping channel. You can tag the product while posting a photo as well.
  • Mention and tag the relevant brands in your post.

Product tagging helps increase your chances of appearing on Instagram Explore. It also helps to increase your followers as it captivates the audience’s attention. It is also easy to convert the audience into customers as the feed also appears in the Instagram shopping channel.

Make the best use of the ‘hashtag’

There is no denying that hashtag has a lot of power in engaging the audience, increasing followers, and in ensuring that your post is featured in Instagram Explore. The hashtags you use helps you connect with those who use the same hashtag in their post, which helps increase your audience as you will be highlighted to them. Using hashtags for major brands helps to associate yourself with them and increase your following. Remember, you must strategize while using the hashtag.

In addition to the tips mentioned above, you can use quotes in your content strategy as it shows no signs of slowing down. Having a presence on Instagram Explore has a lot of benefits. If you want to explore this amazing option on Instagram, get started on building your advertising strategies!

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