5 Easy Ways to Use Your Instagram Milestones to Rake Up New Followers

We know what an achievement it is when you get a new follower notification on your mobile screens! We understand how precious each follower is to your Instagram page and business, considering the fact that Instagram is one of the most active marketing platforms available today. With so much competition around, you can create a loyal group and even attract more followers by a single simple step- acknowledge them. Believe it or not, by doing so, you will find an increase in free Instagram followers!

Wondering how to make your celebration grand? We have 5 easy ways to help you out!

1. Add Milestones to Instagram Highlights

Whether you have earned 100 followers or 10K followers, adding follower milestones to Instagram highlights works wonders. It is because whenever a prospective follower views your profile, the foremost thing they are likely to see is the story highlights under your bio. Therefore, you can add your follower milestones to story highlights and give them an appropriate name. This way, the viewers would come to know you do care about your Instagram family.

2. Make a “Thank You” video

You know your followers love you. So, you also need to reciprocate their feelings. An easy way of doing so is by making a video addressing your fans. The videos need not be too long. In fact, try to make your video content short and sweet. A little dose of humor never hurts. So, add a few pinches of that too. In this kind of video, you can let your creativity take over but keep in mind the aim-celebrating your followers. You will not only attract many free Instagram likes but also more Instagram views, comments, and followers.

3. Host a Giveaway

A philosopher had once said that giving something is more satisfying than taking a thing from someone. What better way to celebrate your Instagram milestone than giving your most loyal fans something to cherish forever. By hosting a giveaway, you will build excitement within your present Instagram community and at the same time, you may get some new Instagram followers too! Think carefully of the product or service that you will be offering for the giveaway. Again, it is good to understand what your followers like and what they will value the most.

Another common way of using a giveaway to rake up new followers is by creating anticipation among the followers. For instance, when you are nearing a particular Instagram follower milestone, announce a new giveaway claiming that once your account reaches 10K followers, you will give some wonderful prizes! No doubt this will grow your fan base at a fast pace.

4. Show how your followers made you feel special

For every Instagram influencer, brand, or business, there are always a few instances where a particular follower made their day. Share such stories on your big achievement by mentioning the names of those people and how they brightened up your day. You can always share their pictures, give them a gift, or simply send out a letter thanking them for being your companion through thick and thin.

5. Go Live!

We have kept the easiest one in the end. This is probably the simplest and the best way of achieving the dual objectives of celebrating Instagram milestones and attracting new followers. Celebrate your success with your Instagram family by directly interacting with them. You can even invite them to your Instagram live and let them showcase their love for you. This way, you will also reach their audience and show how awesome you and your followers are!
These were 5 super easy steps to help you enjoy your Instagram milestones and get new Instagram comments, likes, and followers in the process as well. Hope you liked them!

How to Effectively Use Instagram Pods to Get More Engagement and Follows

Instagram marketing is all about engagement on the platform. Growing your number of Instagram followers, getting more Instagram likes, Instagram comments, and creating videos that fetch you more Instagram views is crucial to boost business growth on the platform. Instagram pods offer a creative way to get more free Instagram likes that can end up giving you more free Instagram followers.

Here’s a guide on what you need to know about Instagram pods and how to use them.

What are Instagram Pods?

An Instagram pod or engagement pod is a group of users on Instagram coming together in an effort to increase the visibility of each other’s content. Pods can be large groups or groups as small as 20 members. Here, members try to increase engagement on their own and others’ posts through Instagram likes, Instagram comments, or even by adding to Instagram followers.

How can you use them effectively?

Using Instagram pods for mutual benefit sounds great, but if you want to see results with it, you need to use it effectively. Here’s what you need to keep in mind.

Choose the right type of pod

There are multiple types of Instagram pods. While Instagram limits the number of people in a group, other platforms like Facebook, Reddit, and Telegram allow more members to be part of the pod. This may seem ideal when you’re trying to get more Instagram likes and Instagram comments. But it also means that you’re going to have to engage with the content posted by others, so be realistic before you join such a pod.

There are like pods, comment pods, pods that require you to interact with the last 5 posts or 10 posts before posting your link. Additionally, there are even pods that require you to engage with every post in the last 24 hours before posting your link. You must choose a pod that’s in your niche area so that you aren’t forced to engage with content unrelated to your brand. Doing this also increases the likelihood that you’ll end up with real Instagram followers for your brand.

Respect pod “drop” times

A drop time is a specified time period when users can post links to encourage others to like or comment. Follow these specified times to get the most engagement.

Join multiple pods

By joining multiple pods within your niche area, you’re increasing the reach of your content and making it possible to get more engagement on your posts. Just be careful, though. You don’t want to end up joining mass pods and not be able to keep up with the posts being shared there.

Don’t get chatty

Instagram pods are meant to fetch you more Instagram likes, Instagram views, and Instagram comments. Use it for the same and don’t try to network through pods. Set the pleasantries aside.

Join pods with members from the same time zone

Since drop times are extremely important when using Instagram pods, make sure you join pods with members in the same time zone as you. Otherwise, you’re not going to be able to keep up.

No leeching allowed

You can’t join a pod with the intention of growing engagement for your brand, but not reciprocate the favor for others trying to do the same. This will only end up with you getting banned from using pods.

Make it believable

You must also remember to keep it realistic. Suppose there’s a huge disparity between the engagement on your other posts and posts for which you’ve used the pod. It will signal to the algorithm that something is off and reduce the credibility of your brand.


While using Instagram pods shouldn’t be your main Instagram marketing strategy, they can help you boost engagement on your posts if done right. It can make your content appear before a larger audience through the Explore tab. The key though, is to be smart about it and our pointers will surely help you.

How Is Instagram’s New “Hide Like” Feature Affecting Business Promotion

Instagram likes have been one of the many vanity metrics used to determine engagement on the photo-sharing platform. Buying free Instagram likes as well as free Instagram followers can give your brand’s profile a boost and set the foundation for establishing a strong brand personality.

The announcement in 2019 to hide Instagram likes brought about a massive change to the platform. The new “Hide Like” feature on Instagram makes it possible for you to view likes on your own posts, but not on the posts made by others. The change was meant to create a healthier environment online and help users feel less self-conscious about the performance of their posts. But it did also mean changes for brands using Instagram marketing to gain more Instagram followers.

How has this feature affected the promotion of businesses on the social media platform? Here’s a rundown of what you need to know.

Shifting the focus from vanity metrics

Instagram likes have, for a long time, been considered to be vanity metrics as these don’t necessarily reflect how engaged Instagram followers are. The new “Hide Like” feature forces brands to shift their focus from the number of likes received on a post to other more reliable indicators of performance.

Tracking the growth rate in the number of Instagram followers, website traffic generated, engagement on Stories, as well as the number of Instagram comments gives a far more accurate picture of how engaged your audience is on the platform. Businesses are recognizing this and shifting their focus to track these metrics and make the most of the platform.

Focus on quality and brand integrity

Instagram likes don’t necessarily reflect a higher rate of engagement as they can always be bought. True engagement on the platform can be achieved by focusing on quality content that offers Instagram followers value. Brands are increasingly recognizing the need to shift their focus from the number of likes on a post to the creation of quality content. This has led to more meaningful marketing on the platform, with brands spending more time developing their message for their online audience.

Quality content sells itself and brands are tapping into this fact to increase real engagement on the platform. This has resulted in more behind the scenes content, better storylines for brands, well thought out captions, as well as communication of a strong brand personality to engage Instagram followers.

Taking advantage of Stories Ads and Videos

With the hidden likes feature, brands are relying more on the content shared through Stories, number of Saves, number of Instagram comments and Instagram views on the platform. It has also meant that more Stories Ads are being used to increase the content reach and direct Instagram followers to landing pages, the company website, or product pages.

Videos are a great way to increase retention of information. So, brands are making use of video marketing a lot more on the platform through Stories, Reels, and even the IGTV feature for more Instagram views and increased engagement on the platform.

The change in influencer marketing

The hidden likes on Instagram has also resulted in a change in influencer marketing for brands. Brands would often use the number of Instagram likes an influencer gets to determine whether they want to go ahead with influencer marketing. With the change, they’re forced to make their selection process a lot more detailed so that they can rest assured that they’ve chosen the right influencer for their niche. Relying on more meaningful metrics as the basis to select influencers also means that brands get access to a loyal audience and can make a bigger impact on Instagram followers.


Businesses must embrace the change and continue to deliver quality content if they want to benefit from promotions through Instagram marketing with the new hidden likes feature.

Everything You Wanted to Know About the Instagram Algorithm In 2021

There’s a lot happening on Instagram. Users are Instagram followers of several accounts and may or may not engage with the content of all of the accounts they follow. The Instagram algorithm is designed to keep people on the platform for longer. It analyzes the number of Instagram likes, Instagram comments, and Instagram views to present users with the most relevant content that they’re likely to be interested in.

While the Instagram algorithm is always at work, changes are made to the algorithm periodically to keep up with the needs of the platform. Here’s what you need to know about the Instagram algorithm for 2021 that can help you tailor your content to get more free Instagram followers as well as free Instagram likes.

The algorithm for feed posts

Six factors influence the algorithm for feed posts:


The algorithm serves up posts based on interests. This is determined by taking into account the kind of content previously liked. This means that you’ve got to post content that gets more Instagram likes and Instagram comments so that your content appears to your Instagram followers and others a lot more.


The algorithm also promotes posts based on the people interacted with on the platform. This could be people you know in real life, people you’ve interacted with via DMs, or people you’ve tagged in your posts. Make sure you engage and interact with your audience so that you’re giving the algorithm the right signal.


Posting at a time when the majority of your Instagram followers are also online will increase the likelihood of engagement and give you a higher ranking in the algorithm.


The frequency of app usage also determines what will appear on your feed. When you use it more often, posts will appear in chronological order to serve up the latest content. If you open the app less frequently, you’ll see posts based on interest.


Accounts following a massive number of people are likely to see posts only from the few profiles they’ve interacted with. Inactive users can damage your ranking so make sure you remove them from your account if you want to keep up with the algorithm.


The more time you spend on the platform, the more posts you’re going to see and engage with. Developing content that keeps platform users hooked sends the algorithm a signal that your content is worth viewing and gives it a higher ranking.

The algorithm for Instagram Stories

The algorithm for Stories works based on timelines since the most recently posted Stories appear first on top of the Instagram page. Make sure you post Stories consistently and get more Instagram views for your Stories. You should also engage your Instagram followers through polls, questions, quizzes, and reactions to rank higher on the platform.

The algorithm on the Explore tab

The Explore tab features content based on similar metrics of the feed posts. Users of the platform see what the accounts they’re following are up to on their feed while the Explore tab shows them what they’re likely to be interested in. Using the right hashtags and getting more engagement on your posts can help you land on the Explore tab of interested users and grow the number of Instagram followers you have.

The algorithm for Reels and IGTV

The algorithm for IGTV and Reels works in a similar manner as the feed posts. Content is ranked based on Instagram views, Instagram comments, and the interest of Instagram followers. You can also post a one minute preview of your Reel to your feed to increase the number of Instagram views it gets. Since Instagram is also pushing the new Reels feature, taking advantage of it is a good idea.


Make sure you’re keeping in line with the 2021 Instagram algorithm and you’ll see your Instagram marketing fetch you results worth boasting about.

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