Benefits of Merging your Tik Tok Campaign with your Instagram Campaign

While many people were skeptical about the popularity of TikTok in its initial phase, this social media platform is now reaching the general masses. More and more people are joining this platform, causing a shift in the demographics of users. TikTok was considered to be a young people platform earlier. Now its followers have diversified into all age groups. In comparison, Instagram is still the most popular influencer marketing platform of all. Most of the brands use this platform to reach their intended audience. Let us now discuss the benefits of Instagram vs. TikTok in terms of influencer marketing and brand reach.

Benefits of Using Instagram

Around 79 percent of the brands prefer to use Instagram as their preferred choice for social media marketing. According to a survey, an average Instagram user spends around 28 minutes every day on this platform browsing through the platform as well as viewing popular brand stories. This increases the likelihood of the brand message being seen by the intended audience. There are several benefits of using Instagram as your brand marketing platform. Let us discuss a few of them:

  • Instagram is the undisputed home of most of the social media influencers. It is due to this reason Instagram is the first choice for brands to launch their marketing campaigns.
  • There are several tools available to marketers to make sure that they reach their target audience. Instagram gives control to the brands so that they can target specific population demographics and get the required number of Instagram followers. This demographic criterion is based on age, gender, interest, location, and many more.
  • There is also the added feature of advertisements on Instagram, which helps in getting more Instagram likes and Instagram views. They also include click-throughs to various shopping links. This feature helps in creating a clear path to the product sales section. By merging Tik Tok marketing and Instagram marketing campaigns, brands can create undisputed brand awareness as well as a sales campaign.
  • With the shopping links shared by the influencers, brand marketers can keep a track of the conversions, audience reach as well as engagement rates. With these useful tools provided by Instagram, brands can manage the success of their online marketing campaigns adequately.

Benefits of merging Tiktok with Instagram

TikTok is basically only a video platform. Creators on this platform can create 60 second long videos, which are around four times more than what is offered by Instagram stories. In addition, most of the Instagram users come from the bracket of 16-24, though it is fast changing with more and more people embracing it. By merging Instagram with TikTok, brands can avail of the following advantages:

  • They can create organic social influencer placement. This can be done by teaming with popular TikTokers and Instagrammers and asking them to share and craft similar brand content.
  • With a huge song list and a large kit of TikTok editing tools at their disposal, marketers can create dynamic content that adds substance to your average Instagram message. This is, of course, aided by the longer duration of play too.
  • TikTok offers liberty to the brands to create their accounts through which they can even share their video messages with their followers. This aids in better customer engagement for the brands.
  • Merging of both Instagram and TikTok accounts allow the brands for specific targeting while creating a better relationship with the younger demographic.
  • Brands also have the option of increasing their user base by merging these platforms. Since Instagram is used by users worldwide, it is fast becoming easy for brands to free Instagram followers and free Instagram likes. However, TikTok is still to reach its full potential.


To fully optimize your online marketing efforts, it is best to merge your Instagram and TikTok platforms. This will help your brand to market creative brand stories to the target customer base while achieving a better rate of conversion. With this strategy, you will be able to develop a marketing campaign that will bring you results for many years to come.

Organic or Sponsored: Which Instagram Ad Format is Right For You?

With the various changes that social media platforms have implemented in the past few years, it is important to be savvy with these algorithm changes. Organic vs sponsored ads is something everyone needs to consider while starting out their online presence.

Currently, Instagram has over 500 million users, and to counter the growth of Tik-Tok they have added the new feature of “Reels”. These are short 30s clips that have the maximum reach at this moment. Many influencers have already made use of this new feature to gain an audience.

Whether you are using sponsored ads or organic, it is important to know how to go about in both cases. This means that you should weigh in the pros and cons of both and have a clear understanding of what one does. Here are a few things that you should know:

Organic Content

This is the freeway of growing on Instagram. Money might not be involved in such growth, but you will need to put a lot of time and effort. Starting from scratch is tough and will take some time to take-off. Keep a good eye on the Instagram likes and Instagram comments; they can easily expand your reach.
Here are few places that you should aspire to reach or post.

Instagram Feed

If someone follows you or follows a hashtag that you use, they can see your post on their feed. This is one of the best ways to reach out to people and let them see your content. Being regular will help a lot. This a great way to get free Instagram likes.

Instagram Stories

Nowadays even stories are featured on the explore page. This means if you are regular and enticing with your stories people can easily discover you. Stories are 15s videos or pics that are deleted after 24 hours.


The long format version of videos on Instagram has been quite a hit with many people. This is because many young people have switched from Facebook to Instagram. Facebook has no limits on long format videos and Instagram was sorely lacking this.

Instagram Live

This is essentially a live feed that is unadulterated and unedited. Live from the place and raw. It is a great way to build credibility. People with live feeds are also interesting as then you can answer questions directly by the people.

Sponsored ads

Ads bring in exposure almost instantly and can be used as a great springboard to a large following. Although they might seem simple ads can be very tricky to handle, and multiple campaigns can go awry anytime. It is best that you research your audience first and then implement the ad strategy. Instagram ads can help you build and the best Instagram advertisement are the ones that work for you.

Here are a few types of ads

Photo ads

The most popular ad on Insta. It has a photo and a caption. You can add call-to-action options that can direct your audiences. This is a great medium for converting redirected traffic into conversions.

Video Ads

Video has the tendency to getting the best response. In the age of TV, audiovisual medium is the most effective way of reaching people. A short 15s ad on Instagram can do wonders for your brand or page. The key is to keep the ad short and to the point.

Carousel Ads

These ads are a great way to show a variety of products or services at once. Multiple photos give the user a better perspective of the brand.

Slideshow Ads

These ads combine multiple photos or videos to tell a story. These involve a certain level of skill level as multiple things can go wrong. You need to plan them carefully and have a sense of the story going on in the ad too.

Whatever way you choose to make your online presence grow on Instagram, make sure you research and choose the one that suits you. Your budget will also dictate a lot of choices. A mix of both organic and sponsored ads can work wonders or you can just stick to one.

Why Has Instagram Become The Popular Choice of Self Help Businesses?


Businesses are increasingly moving towards digital mediums for expansion. Social media platforms provide a low cost and effective marketing options for small business. Asset light firms, including wellness and self-help can benefit a lot from platforms such as Instagram. But with higher competition, they need to gather sizeable Instagram followers for reaching out to prospective customers. A proper social media strategy is inevitable for this. In certain cases, the services of Instagram marketing are also necessary for optimizing your online presence. Let us explore the relevance of loyal Instagram followers and user engagement such as Instagram likes and comments.

Self-Help Business

Across the globe, people are searching for motivation, mental well-being and happiness. In this context self-help business are blooming. Currently, there are multiple models of self-help businesses. They can be purely digital medium or with the presence of physical products. The major digital mediums are podcasts, blogs and videos. There are businesses that work in hybrid mode also. Some examples of such businesses are,

  • Startup/entrepreneur motivation blogs
  • Self-help podcasts
  • Yoga and well-being (videos/blogs)
  • Exercise and gym related
  • Meditation techniques
  • Finance related advice
  • Personal grooming and nutrition

Across all these segments, capturing a huge set of followers is necessary for business growth. Instagram is the perfect social media platform for such entities. It offers seamless user interaction through Instagram likes and shares. This can lead to an expansion in the business footprint, especially for digital-only content. Additionally, Instagram comment is a feature that helps in instant feedback and customer testimonials.

Instagram Marketing for Self Help Business

Instagram is evolving into a favorite market place of self-help business. With more than 1 billion active users, it is surely a marketing paradise. From short videos, stories, and image sharing options, it is an effective way to capture user attention. The favorable reasons for Instagram as a powerful tool for self-help business are,

  • Visual Impact: Images are always powerful than words. A perfect picture with a few quirky texts is the perfect recipe for Instagram marketing. For motivational blogs this is a very favorable aspect. Lot of startup/entrepreneurship content uses image with captions for pushing their content. This can motivate users to sign up for peak performance seminars and master classes. The option of short videos also is a factor that makes Instagram a preferred option for self-help business.
  • Instant connect: Instagram is all about instant connect with your clients. A well-designed Instagram profile with regular posts is sure to attract a lot of followers. The features such as Instagram shares and likes helps in additional reach out. Maintaining a loyal follower community is crucial for this.You can also buy free Instagram followers from specialized Instagram marketing agencies. This will be an additional boost to your business.
  • Brand building: Instagram and other social media platforms have made brand building much easier. But you need to be consistent with your logo, color schemes and creative. Primarily being an image sharing platform, Instagram gives that extra visual impact for your brand. This helps in faster brand recall by customers.
  • Affiliate marketing: Small self-help brands can generate additional income by becoming affiliate marketing partners. Through your posts you can promote brands that are providing products/services related to your content. For e.g. If you are promoting workout/gym based video content, you can partner with nutrition product companies for their promotion.
  • Instagram business account: The provision of a separate business account is a great tool for your digital marketing efforts. It has additional features such as campaigns for reaching out to a targeted population. With an increase in competition, this will help your business to stand out from the crowd. This also allows better analytics that can throw some light into customer preferences and feedback.


Maximizing the use of digital marketing is a must for any business. In a highly competitive sector such as self-help business, it becomes inevitable. Instagram is very useful for such business to promote their products and services. But building up an Instagram following can be time-consuming. At this juncture, reaching out to an expert Instagram marketing agency will be helpful. They can provide you with free Instagram followers. Additionally, they help with free Instagram likes and shares, increasing user engagement. It is completely legal and can help in the growth of your self-help business.

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