Top 9 Most-Followed Accounts in 2021

With around 1 billion active users, Instagram is undoubtedly the most popular social media platform today. Every day millions of people compete to expand reach and visibility on Instagram. For this reason, getting many Instagram views, followers, comments, and likes is not easy. But some accounts have aced in making the best use of Instagram. 

Want to know which accounts with the highest number of Instagram followers? Check out the list below!

Most followed Instagram accounts in the world 

(Figures as of 27th May 2021)

1. Instagram (@instagram)

Followers: 394 Million

The account with the highest followers on Instagram is none other than Instagram itself, with a follower base of 394 million. The feed containing 6781 posts entertains, educates, and keeps their followers updated with the latest trends on the platform.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano)

Followers: 290 Million

Captain of the national Portuguese football team and the forward of Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo is the most followed human on Instagram. Apart from winning laurels in football, he became the first person to have 200 million Instagram followers. Through his feed, Ronaldo fans get a glimpse into the private life of the star, which mostly includes pics of his family, and him playing football.

3. Dwayne Johnson (@therock)

Followers: 240 Million

‘The Profile’ quoted Dwayne Johnson or ‘The Rock’ as the most likable guy in the world. He is also the highest-paid actor around the globe. Going through his profile, you can expect posts related to his homegrown brand of tequila named Teremana, family pictures, and gym sessions.

4. Ariana Grande (@arianagrande)

Followers: 238 Million

The ‘7 rings’ star is the most loved singer on Instagram. Through her posts, Ariana Grande updates her large following with the big moments in her life. Her entire feed is mostly filled with highlights of her cool pop life, performances, and her interactions with other celebrities. Quite recently, images from the singer’s marriage with Dalton Gomez broke the Internet extracting thousands of Instagram comments from excited fans.

5. Kylie Jenner (@kyliejenner)

Followers: 235 Million

Entrepreneur, a model, and the youngest Kardashian-Jenner sister, Kylie Jenner, is a rage on Instagram. Her account brims with her luxurious lifestyle, new launches of Kylie Cosmetics, and her daughter’s adventures. Until 2019, she also held the record for the post with the highest Instagram likes for an image featuring her holding her newborn daughter’s hand. She is still among the top accounts that attract the most Instagram likes.

6. Selena Gomez (@selenagomez)

Followers: 231 Million

Selena Gomez is another singer dominating the world of Instagram. Her feed is a creative mix of everything she is passionate about. Do not be surprised to find posts of some amazing shoots she has done, her music videos, her strong opinions on political matters such as human rights activism, and so on.

7. Kim Kardashian (@kimkardashian)

Followers: 224 Million

Kim Kardashian is undoubtedly a renowned face worldwide. This Kardashian keeps her followers engaged through her delightful family pictures, stories from her daily life, her modeling projects, and some brand campaigns posted on Instagram.

8. Lionel Messi (@leomessi)

Followers: 210 Million

Lionel Messi is the second most popular footballer on Instagram. The captain of the Argentinian national football team and FC Barcelona, Messi mostly shares posts of him playing football and some pics from his family life.

9. Beyoncé (@beyonce)

Followers: 180 Million

It would be unlikely to miss Queen Bey in the list of the most followed accounts on Instagram. The singer, entrepreneur, and actor mainly uses the platform to give her followers a sneak peek of her performances and professional life. 

We wonder who will beat Instagram’s official page to become the most followed account on Instagram next!

Promoting Your Brand On Instagram

When it comes to social media platforms, Instagram is a giant that continues to grow. With an audience of more than 1.16 billion people, if your business is not on Instagram, you are losing out on a lot. With the right Instagram marketing plan, your brand can elevate to the next level in no time.

In this blog, we have rounded up some key tips that you can consider for making your brand reach a larger audience on Instagram.

Use A Business Account

Before you start crafting an Instagram marketing strategy to promote your brand on the platform, make sure you have a business account that is separate from your personal one. Your selfies or snapshots of your latest staycation won’t get you any sales. That’s not what your audience is following you for. A business profile should strictly be about what your company does. With a business account, you can unlock free Instagram tools such as track metrics that provide statistics about the reach and impression of your posts. 

Establish Your Brand’s Look

Once you have a separate business account, it’s time to work on brand recognition and recall. Branding plays a pivotal role in content creation. People are more convinced about your brand when you have a consistent name and photo with a catchy bio to hook free Instagram followers. By creating an Instagram aesthetic that remains consistent across your posts, you help your followers recognize your content in their feeds.

Use Branded Hashtags

Consider creating a unique brand hashtag that makes it easier for your audience to search for your posts. Plus, they can even include your unique brand tags in their photos. Using brand-specific hashtags can encourage sharing by your followers and result in more Instagram views for your posts. Apart from your unique tags, you can promote your brand using more general, community hashtags relevant to your industry. They make your posts more searchable and drive free Instagram likes.

Instagram Optimization and Hashtags Research
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Partner with Instagram Influencers

Instagram is blessed with numerous influencers who have a massive followers list. The quickest and easiest way to promote your brand, widen your audience base and grow your Instagram likes would be to collaborate with such influencers. This allows you to tap into their follower base and introduce them to your brand by leveraging the influencer’s reach. 

Cross-Promote Instagram Posts

You spent a good amount of time clicking the perfect shot, coming up with a good caption and using the right tags for an Instagram post. Why not get the most out of this phenomenal effort? Cross promoting your content on other social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook can give you the most bang for your buck. Although a smart move, remember to tweak the description for images depending on the platform you post it on, as every platform works differently. While hashtags may work excellently on Twitter, they may give your Facebook post a cluttered look.

Consider Sponsored Ads

A brilliant way to grab more eyeballs for your brand and boost Instagram comments on your posts is to create sponsored ads. You can set a budget and control how much you are willing to spend on marketing. Your high-performing posts can also be pushed to potential customers in the form of sponsored ads for more engagement and conversions.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to the modern visual internet, Instagram is one of the main flag bearers worldwide. With an ever-burgeoning audience, it can offer dramatic reach for your brand. We hope the above tips can help you in garnering more Instagram followers and boosting your brand’s image. 

Smart Things Bloggers Do To Boost Instagram Followers

Instagram has become an important tool for businesses to promote their brand and build an engaged audience. Whether you are an established brand or a new one, there are things you can do to improve your Instagram presence. This will help you to increase traffic to your pages and buy your products or services. You can choose to do this organically or pay for more followers. Here are a few ways you can boost your Instagram following and establish an unforgettable presence.

Smart ways to increase Instagram followers

Streamline your account

The first thing you have to do is streamline your account. Write a small introduction. This is your “bio”. Work with a graphic designer to get a logo that represents your brand. These two and a snappy caption will establish the brand and get you set up for free Instagram followers. Do add a link to your bio so that interested people can check out your website. There are plenty of resources on marketing strategies, so use these and do it right.

Post consistently

Keep in mind that there are many brands and products on Instagram. You have to post videos and content regularly so that your Instagram followers don’t forget you. Post regularly through the day and a few times a week to maintain visibility. There is information online on when to post and get the highest views and by industry standards too. Check this out and tweak your schedule to get the best views.


If you have a lot of material to share, then use the auto-scheduling feature to space your posts out. Instagram’s algorithm is designed to funnel content to users based on their likes. Use this to your advantage and make the information shareable to get as many free Instagram likes as possible.

Instagram Optimization and Hashtags Research
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Social media marketing is all about reaching an audience and engaging them. Good content and organic growth essentially mean more customers. The best way to engage and get a larger following is to post good videos and material. Encourage them to comment and share. You could also sponsor content made by users and boost your Instagram views. Contests are also a great way to reach a wider audience. Don’t be afraid to partner with influencers in your niche segment. 

Grow organically

It is easy enough to buy Instagram followers, but there are some drawbacks to this strategy. Many accounts in this bucket may not be active and there will be few Instagram likes or shares forthcoming. They will also not buy from you. Instagram has become an important platform for a reason – real people who are interested in quality and useable products. You would be better served in using this budget to work as a specialist and grow your business organically.

Start conversations

The quickest way to boost your Instagram account is to start with photos and videos. Instagram is the ideal platform with tools like Instagram Reels and snappy photos. Think of ways to pair visuals and captions – then ask your followers to share their opinion via the Instagram comments section. Respond to posted comments and questions. This will let your audience know that you are engaged. Statistics show that 85% or more people buy from a brand that cares about their inputs.

In Conclusion

When your Instagram followers are happy and look forward to your posts, your brand will grow well. Use these tips along with hashtags properly to craft your brand’s image and voice. Instagram is growing by leaps and bounds in popularity and there is no better time to harness this platform. Create your own marketing strategy and implement it with Instagram’s growing arsenal of tools.

7 Ways to Gain More Instagram Followers In 2021

What was once just a fun app for millennials has quickly turned to become the second-highest social networking site in the world. Instagram is a thriving platform for audience building, networking, selling and content marketing for individuals and brands alike. If you’re not on the platform yet, now is the best time to get on board as the world at large is going ‘digital’.

In this blog, we list 7 ways to quickly gain followers on Instagram in 2021:

Know Your Target Audience

For any marketing strategy to work, you need to know who your target audience is. What’s their age bracket, where are they located, what do they use Instagram for? Asking yourself these questions can help you churn the right content, which makes it easier for them to connect with your profile.

Write A Catchy Bio and Profile

Many Instagram users ignore their bio and fail to create Instagram aesthetics for their profile. It is important to know – your bio is the first thing your audience sees when they come on your page. If it can’t create a first good impression, chances are you won’t be able to encourage people to follow you.

Use Specific Hashtags

Using brand-specific and industry-centric hashtags is a tried and tested way of gaining Instagram followers and boosting your Instagram likes. You can add up to 30 hashtags under your posts to make them more searchable for your audience. Make sure you create a mix of unique brand hashtags and general community tags to reach a wider audience.

Instagram Optimization and Hashtags Research
Do you need an Instagram expert to complete an in-depth evaluation of your Instagram account & provide you with an action plan?

Optimize Your Captions

The captions on your post have the power to draw the audience’s attention. Make sure they are compelling, catchy, and interesting. There is so much you can do with captions – ask questions, spark conversations, tag people and more. This automatically increases your Instagram comments by encouraging your followers to engage.

Let Your Content Do the Talking

Your Instagram account can only be as good as the content you post. No matter what strategy you use to grow your followers, if your content isn’t good, you won’t be able to build a long-lasting relationship with them. So, ensure you bring your creative best to the table and it reflects in your posts which makes the audience follow you for the long term.

Use Location Tags for Free Instagram Followers

Never underestimate the power of geotagging. Location tags allow you to connect with your local audience and drive up your conversion rate. It reveals the venue where the image was captured or the video was shot. It works almost similar to SEO for your blogs, but for Instagram. When someone searches for content on the platform using a location search, your content will pop up in the search results.

Find Your Best Time to Post

If you want to maximize your Instagram views, figure out the ideal time your followers are the most active to engage with your posts. Remember to not overwhelm them by posting all the time. You can take the help of Instagram insights to know when your audience is online. Consider posting at different times to track the engagement levels and stick to the time that works best for you.

Closing Thoughts

Instagram is a much-loved social media platform whose popularity is only going to increase manifolds in the years to come. By using the above-mentioned tactics, you can grow your Instagram followers and take your business to the next level. Remember, consistency is the key when it comes to posting content. So, take the time to plan and schedule your posts for maximum free Instagram likes.

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