Using Instagram To Promote Your Etsy Store: Tips & Tricks

Did you know 80% of over a billion users on Instagram follow a business profile? Out of these, over 30% have reportedly purchased a product they first spotted on Instagram. These numbers are enough to convince anyone of the power of Instagram as a social media platform to boost up your business revenues.

We know Etsy is a brilliant e-commerce platform for creative artists and those gifted with a talented mind. But, in today’s digital age, talent may not be enough to get you noticed among burgeoning competition. If you aren’t harnessing the power of Instagram shop to create buzz around a sale or a new product, you are missing out.
In this article, we list useful Instagram and Etsy marketing tips and tricks that can help you promote your Etsy store.

Set Up a Business Profile

Want to showcase your brand’s story? We suggest putting your best foot forward and start by creating a business profile for yourself. Not only does it give your profile a professional look, but it also gives you access to meaningful insights and business analytic tools. From monitoring your reach and impressions to learning more about your followers’ buying patterns, a business profile can help you strategize well.

Create Your Brand Look

If you want to drive your Instagram followers to your Etsy shop, you must have your audience know who you are as a brand. At the end of the day, people are not solely interested in the products you sell. They also have a keen interest in who is behind it. Having a cohesive and well-crafted feed will grab more eyeballs and get more people talking about you. Focus on your brand’s mood and its aesthetics for a visual branding that reflects who you are.

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Use Captions and Hashtags Wisely

Using the right hashtags that relate to your products can help tie your posts together. A good starting point can be to explore the hashtags a similar business uses and see how well it works on your posts. Experiment with the caption length of your posts to see which one generates the maximum engagement in the form of Instagram comments and likes.

Get To Know Your Audience

Engage, engage, and engage some more! Make sure you take some time out to respond to all the comments under your post. Don’t just stop at that. You can interact and like your fans’ content to keep the interaction going and develop a bond with them. Share or pin their witty comments to encourage them to interact more and spread the word about your Etsy shop.

Remember to Link Your Etsy Shop

Make it easy for people to visit your Etsy shop by putting the link on your Instagram profile wherever you can. Some spots include your Instagram bio, the captions on your post, or watermarks. When your link is easily available, the audience can simply click it and easily access your store.

Consider Investing in Sponsored Ads

A sponsored ad allows you to link your Etsy shop through a clickable CTA (call to action). You can customize this CTA button as per your goal, be it for people to “shop now” or “learn more”. These ads work wonders in advanced targeting and generate better click rates.

Final Thoughts

We hope these Etsy marketing tips can come in handy to drive traffic to your business. Instagram is an excellent platform to tell your brand’s story and showcase its personality. Ensure you create a unique and cohesive feel of your brand for your audience that leverages your talent in the best way possible.

Your Guide To Scheduling Instagram Posts In Advance

Instagram has become the de facto website for most people these days. With most of the younger people on the app, Instagram has the largest market share when it comes to youth culture and influence.

It is one of the largest social media platforms and brands capitalizing on the growing spending power of the youth. Instagram is the perfect platform to grow your business. But with the market being saturated right now, it is hard to make a mark in the industry.

You can strategize your growth with scheduled Instagram posts. Once you have figured out when your profile gets the maximum engagement, you can schedule posts to go up at that time automatically.

This brings consistency to your strategy and also makes sure that you have regular posts. Instagram algorithm prefers quantity over quality, but this does not mean that you compromise the quality of your posts. Finding a balance of quality and quantity is the best way to gain an audience.

How to schedule Instagram posts

If you have a creator or business profile on your Instagram app, you can use Facebook’s Creator Studio to schedule posts. It is an indispensable tool for many influencers and brands, and it is the only way one can schedule a post. Third-party apps were useful, but with Facebook giving you native tools, it is better that you use the Studio rather than third-party resources.

Link your account to the Instagram account

Go to the Creator Studio and use Facebook’s instructions to link the Instagram account to the Creator Studio. The steps will depend on whether your Instagram account is linked to the Facebook account or not.

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Create Post

Click on the create post option and then click Instagram Feed or IGTV, whichever suits you the best. You cannot schedule Instagram stories or Reels, but Instagram might add this functionality soon.

Fill in the time and date of when you want to post the content.

Upload visuals

Now that you have made the post, it is important to upload the photo or video to the feed. It can also be a carousel post if you want it to be. Just click on the add content tab and choose the file you want to upload. You won’t be able to use templates as the Studio does not save templates. There is no content library either, so you won’t be able to save your visual assets here.

Craft your post

Write a great good caption for your post and use up to 20-25 hashtags. Tag all the recent accounts for maximum reach. Not only does the algorithm pick up such posts, but it also puts them on the explore page.


You should already have your profile’s statistics at hand as to what is the best time to put out a post. Next to the Publish button, there is the option to schedule your post.

Check your Instagram analytics to determine the time for maximum engagement. In most countries, the maximum interaction can be seen during 8-10 in the morning and later in the evening at 7. These are the times when people are either commuting or have just gotten off work in the evening.

In conclusion

Instagram posts are a great way to interact with your followers and gain new ones on the way too. Instagram scheduling brings consistency and discipline to your brand’s social media presence. It bolsters your public image and also helps people form some kind of expectations from the brand.

Instagram followers and Instagram likes are the new currency in the world of social media. A posting schedule helps streamline your social media strategy and also helps you in establishing a presence online.

Top Tips & Ideas For Making Compelling Instagram Reels Under 15 Seconds

Ever since its launch, the ‘Reels’ feature on Instagram has been a very popular source of content consumption for almost every user on the platform. These short videos have also become a favorite among creators as they effectively bring in more Instagram likes.

What is ‘Instagram Reels’?

A popular video feature that allows a user to create or edit short videos, Instagram Reels has transformed the way this platform works. The platform allows creating 15-second reels to 30-second reels.

Add Music or Original Audio

Adding the latest tunes to your reels video goes a long way in making the viewer watch the entire reel. It ensures that your content gets regular Instagram views and comments. Voiceovers are also very useful as they make a simple video more interesting.

Make Creative Reel Cover Photos

No matter how good your reel content is, if it does not rope in views, the content will be a waste. Design a reel cover that will make the viewer want to know what’s inside. You can either make a reel cover yourself or choose an interesting photo from the video itself.

Use Closed Captions

By not using closed captions in their videos, most creators ignore a potential audience base. These include hearing disabled people and users who prefer to watch reels with their sound muted. Simply adding closed captions will make your account accessible to a whole new audience, which means free Instagram followers for you.

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Make an ‘About Myself’ Reel

If your followers are interested in your content, they would also be interested in knowing more about yourself. You can make a ’15 seconds, 15 facts about me’ video to keep it short and interesting.

Show Blooper Montage

Bloopers are funny and almost everyone enjoys humorous bloopers. If you have some fail clips from making your reels, turn them into a short montage for a reel. Funny content engages viewers like no other and gets considerable engagement in the form of views and tags in the comment section.

Make Shareable Content

While making a reel, ask yourself – ‘is there something about the reel that would make me share it’? If your answer is yes, then go ahead and post it. Shareable content is the key to Instagram growth with the exposure it brings.

Do Product Reviews

Content aside, Instagram is also a major source of consumption of many products and services. It’s only natural that they would want an honest review of a product before buying it.

Share a Sneak Peek

Teasers and behind-the-scenes videos can prove to be very useful in creating hype for an upcoming project. So you’re launching a reel that creates interest and gathering an audience for the future content.

Do a DIY Video

DIY and How-to videos are incredibly popular because of their usability. Be it cooking or crafts, almost everyone would be interested in watching a DIY video. These videos also ensure that the viewers watch them till the end because of the curiosity of the final product reveal.

Use Reel Features

Make sure that you put all features in the reel editor to good use. This includes adding music, transitions or effects that would make your reel more eye-catching. However, you must remember not to do too much as it can make your reel off-putting and overshadow the value it provides. Keep it well-balanced with creativity and content quality.

As the platform continues to expand, more features become available that allow us to explore our creative potential. The most important part of making a reel is to have fun yourself. Your reel content must first entertain and satisfy your creative palate, only then will it successfully enrapture your Instagram followers.

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