Tips on Appearing as a Suggested Account on Instagram

Appearing in Instagram suggestions is one of the easiest ways to get noticed on the platform. It can help you gain notoriety and visibility which will ultimately lead to an increase in your number of followers. But, how can you do that? Read on to find out.

Read the rules set by Instagram and what actions you have to implement

A suggested user has to post original content and have a unique perspective. It is a photo-sharing community. And if you want to succeed on this platform, you have to be singular. You have to bring a personal and original touch to your feed.

When promoting suggested users, the platform showcases community members who have exemplary behaviour and content that is in accordance with the guidelines of Instagram. So, you cannot use any software or applications that cheat the system by allowing you to gain followers artificially. If you do this, you will be penalized. Moreover, if you acquire followers artificially, it will lower your reach automatically and decrease your credibility.

Instagram wants users who post new and interesting content. In order to introduce some new users to an already talented set of users, it will check, remove, and add users to its list continually. There is no specific number on how many people are added to this list every week. But, they announced that in the next few months, they will be updating the list of suggested users often which will make it easier for them to track the users. So, you have to be original, inventive, and innovative while posting your photos. This will maximize your chances of being selected.

Suggested users cultivate the Instagram community and are often the ambassadors for the community. So, what you need to do is promote and enhance your participation in the internal communities.

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Observe and try attempting the best practices of influencers

There are some types of accounts that are favoured by Instagram. These are the ones that are highly staffed (have a large following) or the audited ones (accounts with a blue tick). So, if you have more followers, your posts will have more impact, and you will be more likely to be successful.

For this, you need active followers who will get you several likes on your posts which will boost your commitment. You need users who are inactive or too passive.

Try to get your account verified

Getting your account verified on Instagram is like getting the Holy Grail. Usually, the verified accounts are attributed to stars or companies. But, this doesn’t mean that it is not possible for you. Here is what you can do:

  • Login your Instagram account through the app. You can’t do this from a desktop.
  • Visit your account profile.
  • Click on the menu present at the top right.
  • Click on Settings followed by Account and Request verification.

After this, you will have to fill out a form where you will be entering the following details:

  • Name
  • Known as (nickname of full name)
  • Category to which your account belongs:
    • Blogger/Influencer
    • Business/Brand/Organization
    • Entertainment
    • Fashion
    • Government/Politics
    • Music
    • News/Media
    • Sports
    • Other

Then, you will have to download your proof of identity followed by validating the request.

It might take weeks for your badge to be issued. This is not an automatic process. Instagram will be verifying your application to check if it’s credible in relation to your posts and whether or not its compliance with Instagram’s guidelines. If you have a Company or Brand account, you will be required to provide a document that certified that it is an organization.

So, these were a few steps that you can take to appear as a suggested account on Instagram. These might not be sure-shot ways, but it will definitely increase your chances significantly.

Top Tips to Engage Your Instagram Audiences Using Story Templates

Social media marketing has become inevitable for brands. But, this is more about just posting content. You have to engage the audience you have and not just the reach or views. One way to do this is through stories.

Read on to learn a few tips that will help you engage your Instagram audiences using story templates:

Tell a story

The simplest way for you to improve the engagement on your Instagram stories is to actually tell a story. It will have a start, a middle, and a finish. It is easy to just put a photo up. But, you have to give a little context to your audience to ensure that they have a better experience.

Tell viewers to put the sound on or add captions

A simple, but clever thing you can do for increasing the engagement on your Instagram stories is adding captions to your stories. Most people don’t have their sounds on while they are browning their feeds. So, if you don’t want to be a talking head, write out what you are saying and maximize the reach and response of your audience.

Use stickers

Instagram stickers can make your stories interactive and fun. There are two types of stickers that you can use for boosting your stories engagement:

  • Question stickers – This will prompt the audience to ask a question in your stories. When you submit a response to the question, the person who originally asked the question will get a notification. You can ask your followers about a specific subject, its challenges, and what they would like to see on their feed.
  • Poll stickers – Everyone loves polls. You can use the poll sticker to get an understanding of the preferences of your audience and get some help in making choices for your business or just general feedback. Another benefit of this is that you will have a list of all the followers who submitted an answer to the poll. You will have 24 hours for sending them a message after the poll has ended to continue the conversation.
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Use prompts

In some cases, you need to tell your followers what to do. For increasing the engagement in your Instagram stories, you have to use prompts for retaining viewership through a story or increasing the time spent. Here is what you can do:

  • Hold to read – You can add a longer text message to your stories and prompt the viewers to read the full content through this prompt.
  • Tap for more – You can start your story with a tile asking a question and after it, add ‘Tap for more’. In the next few tiles, you can give static images or any information about the subject.
  • Get ready to – This prompt can be used for creating excitement and anticipation. It will also help set the tone for whatever is next. This way, your audience will be prepared to turn their sound on, turn their screens, or take a screenshot.

DM for download

In social media platforms, it is important to get your audience to talk to you and generate engagement. You can use your stories to ask for a DM and give a freebie to your viewers. This can be an eBook, a seat at your webinar, or a downloadable checklist. Through this, you will have a list of people who are interested in a specific subject. Also, you would have already had a direct conversation with them. This is more engaging than just them watching your stories.

If you are unable to post on your profile, Instagram stories can be the perfect way of staying in the feed of your followers. Staying active on your Instagram stories will help your account do better.

The Top 5 Instagram Story Templates Ranked

Instagram is one of the top social media platforms in the market. From big businesses to personal brands, from celebrities to students, this platform is a home for creatives and people where they can share their pictures. One of their best features is the Instagram stories.

Instagram stories combine the beauty of having 24-hour moments along with the best highlights in a social media platform that you are already familiar with. You can either go for a standard theme or try creating a cohesive theme for your feed. To do this, you need a template. Read on to know about the top 5 Instagram story templates ranked.

Soft Instagram Stories Pack

The Soft Instagram Stories Pack has been created by the Swiss_cube. They are a set of 16 different templates that have been designed specifically for the Instagram stories. However, you can use them for other projects as well like Facebook posts, blog content, etc. They have soft and simple colours that will add a touch of style and elegance to your stories.

Pure Instagram Stories Pack

Created by Swiss_cube, the Pure Instagram Stories Pack is the perfect for you to stay more with less. It is a stylish and stunning template that features a clean and minimalist look. However, it still grabs the attention of the viewers. If you are looking for something that is fresh, but not unobtrusive, this is the perfect story template for you.

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California Instagram Stories

This amazing story template has been created by Ruben Stom. Whether you are creating stories for profit or just for fun, you want your content to look professional and clean. This story template is the perfect solution. It is a high-resolution template pack that features 20 editable elements you can use over and over.

Passion Instagram Stories Pack

Created by Onurcan Erdem, the Passion Instagram Stories Pack is a carefully stylized template. When you are posting an Instagram story, you need a wow factor that will catch the attention of your viewers. It can be the layout, typography, or simply a colour. This template has been created for the content creators of the digital age including freelancers, influencers, and bloggers.

ANIMATED Instagram Copper Stories

The ANIMATED Copper Instagram Stories have been created by Ruby&Heart Studio that will help you surprise your audience. It brings your static photos to life. This animated template will blow away your audience and your competition. It features 20 templates along with dynamic effects for your images and stress. It is a simple, stress-free way for you to impress your followers.

Tips to increase your engagement through Instagram stories

When you are creating a story, you need to take care of the following points and you will have people clicking through and swiping up to get more information:

Encourage conversations and clicks

You have to show your followers that you are interested in their opinions. You need to draw attention to the ‘Swipe Up’ feature or pose a question that will ultimately make them land on your blog, products, or websites.

Share content that is user-generated

Currently, peer-to-peer recommendation is very popular and you have to give authenticity to your brand. You can ask your viewers to share their posts and stories using a hashtag specific to your brand. This way, you will have a library of material to use.

Make your personality shine

You have to show who you are and what your brand is. Post some behind the scenes footage, candid snaps, or motivational quotes.


Choosing a cool Instagram story template is a great way to start making your stories more engaging and interactive. They are also customizable so that you can make it specific for your brand.

Tips on Preventing Your Instagram Content from Being Suppressed

If you are trying to increase your following on Instagram, you have to rely on the Explore page and hashtags to expand your reach and audience. However, sometimes, even if you try your best, your content doesn’t show up anywhere. If your Instagram content is being suppressed or you think that you have been shadowbanned, your posts will receive fewer likes or they won’t appear for certain hashtags.

What is Instagram shadowban?

Instagram shadowban happens when the Instagram algorithm hides or restricts your content informing you that it is happening. In most cases, it happens when you have posted content that is deemed inappropriate or you have somehow violated the community guidelines of Instagram. When you get shadowbanned, your posts won’t appear on the Explore page, hashtag pages, or anyone’s feed unless they are already following you.

From the perspective of Instagram, the objective of restricting or hiding Instagram explicit content makes sense, even if its enforcement is criticized. Through shadowbanning, they are able to filter out the accounts that are not complying with their terms. There are some people who post inappropriate content and use hundreds of hashtags that have nothing to do with their content. If you do the same, the Instagram algorithm will start suppressing your content.

How to prevent your content from being suppressed?

Here are a few tips that will prevent Instagram from suppressing your content:

Get more likes and followers

If you have a big account that has tons of followers and get a lot of likes on your post, your content won’t get suppressed by Instagram. If you are having trouble increasing your audience organically, you can take the help of an Instagram marketing services provider, like us, They can help you get free Instagram followers, free Instagram likes, Instagram comments, and Instagram views. This will increase your reach and protect your content from getting suppressed by Instagram.

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Don’t use banned hashtags

Check out the Markitor’s list of banned hashtags for 2021 and ensure that all the broken hashtags are removed from your content. For future posts, you have to be careful and selective with the hashtags you are using. If you have any doubt, check the hashtag’s page. Instagram usually posts a message about some posts currently hidden which means that the hashtag shouldn’t be used anymore.

Take a break

If you feel like your content is being suppressed, take a 2-day break from your account. It might reset your system and get your account back on track. Moreover, the temporary cleanse from social media is always worth it.

Follow the rules and regulations of Instagram

You have to read and follow the Community Guidelines, Recommendation Guidelines, and Terms of Use carefully for beating Insta algorithm. Here are notable takeaways that you should know about:

  • Don’t post false or misleading content
  • Share content that you have created or you have permission to share
  • Share content that is appropriate for all

How to check if you are shadowbanned on Instagram?

To check if you are shadowbanned on Instagram, you can start with posting an image along with a hashtag that is not used often. You can’t use a hashtag that already has millions of posts as it will get difficult to tell whether your content is being suppressed or just hidden because of competition. After you have posted, ask some people who don’t follow you on Instagram to search the hashtag. If they are unable to see your post, chances are that you have been shadowbanned.


The best way for you to avoid being shadowbanned and have your content suppressed on Instagram is posting authentic and helpful content that abides by Instagram’s guidelines. It might take you longer, but at least you won’t get shadowbanned.

Gaining Your First 1000 Followers On Instagram

The Internet is filled with tips on growing your account and gaining new Instagram followers, however, many of these tips are targeted towards bigger accounts and not those who have a couple of hundred followers. It is believed that getting the first 1,000 followers on any social media platform is the hardest for any account, as most users do not pay much attention to smaller accounts. Gaining your first 1,000 followers will not only ensure your credibility, but will also help you build a community. Following are some of the ways in which you can gain your first 1,000 followers.

1. Customize and complete your profile

Customizing your profile is one of the first steps in establishing your online presence and getting more Instagram views. The look of the profile not only tells your potential followers about your identity but also gives them a reason to follow you. You can complete your Instagram profile by keeping these few things in mind.

  • Complete your profile: This means choosing the right name and a username, as they are the first things that appear in Instagram search results. The name could be the one you’d like to be identified by or the name of the brand or a keyword if you are a business. You can also add the nature of the account or the business along with your name. The user name is mostly determined by the name and should be something that can be remembered or searched easily.
  • Go public: The only way to increase your views and gain free Instagram followers is by going public. It is impossible to enhance your reach if you set your account as private.
  • Profile picture: Choosing a profile picture that best represents you or your business is extremely important. This is because the profile picture is also one of the first things that appear in Instagram searches.
  • Create a compelling bio: Fill the bio section of your account with engaging information about yourself or the brand, which gives the audience a reason to follow you. You can also add a link tree to your bio to link it your website or blog to give the followers easy access to understand your brand.
  • Enable notifications to track the comments on your photos, so you can engage with your followers quickly.
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2. Get a basic understanding of Instagram’s algorithm

Understanding the key functions and the working of Instagram is one of the first steps towards gaining new followers. Instagram’s algorithm keeps changing constantly so it is important to keep abreast with all the new changes. Instagram keeps adding new features which push individuals and brands to test out their creativity and authenticity. Understanding the algorithm will help you find the right way to get the desired engagement, by letting you experiment with different types of posts.

3. Use Instagram Analytics

Instagram Analytics is an excellent tool to learn about what works best for your brand. You can use it to review your latest posts so that you can learn from the best-performing content and establish a narrative that works best for you. It also provides an insight into what your audience like by studying their Instagram likes and comments.

4. Find your Target Audience

It is crucial to understand your followers so that you can tailor your content according to their likes and dislikes. From the very start, have the image of a potential audience in your mind and then look for other accounts that are already serving your audience base. These accounts are not necessarily your competitors but are those that focus their posts related to the type of audience you want to attract. For instance, if your page is on fitness, it would be advisable to explore other accounts related to sports goods, gyms, lifestyle content. You can then start engaging with these accounts to enhance your visibility by following their Instagram followers.

5. Learning the right time to engage followers

A study of your analytics will provide you with data to understand the best times to you can post your content. It is important to engage your followers at the times they are most active on Instagram, otherwise, your posts could easily get buried in their feeds. Another important reason to look at your analytics when growing your Instagram followers is to find out how frequently you can post your content.

It is important to hold your Instagram profile to the highest standards in terms of the content you produce. Always try to implement new methods and techniques, and strive for constant change so your followers have something new to look forward to, which will eventually drive up the Instagram views.

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