How to Leverage Instagram’s Social Commerce Features

In recent years, social commerce or Scommerce has become an industry of its own, and right now, its value is nearly a whopping $90 billion. Over the next few years, there are projections that estimate the industry’s valuation to go up to more than $600 billion. But what is social commerce? And how can you leverage social commerce features on Instagram? To find out the answers, read on.

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Understanding social commerce

There’s no hard and fast definition of social commerce. However, roughly, it refers to eCommerce features that have been incorporated by social media platforms. One of the biggest social media platforms with social commerce features right now is Instagram.

On Instagram, brands can create shoppable posts, i.e., posts tagged with the brands’ products. Users can browse products on Instagram, check out their details and specifications, and can purchase them – all without leaving the Instagram app.

For brands with younger audiences, Instagram’s social commerce features have been nothing short of a boon. The features have allowed such brands to connect to their target audiences in ways that simply weren’t possible before. In addition to shoppable posts, brands can also take advantage of Instagram ads.

Tips for leveraging Instagram’s social commerce features

While it’s true that Instagram is loaded with social commerce features, the fact is that if you want to make the most of them, you have to leverage them properly. Read on to know how you can do that by putting certain things into practice:

  • Pay attention to optimizing your content: If your content is not up to the mark, you don’t have much of a chance of convincing your target audience to purchase your products. That’s why content optimization is vital on Instagram. Your content includes elements such as captions, videos, images, and text. It’s important that you optimize all of them to ensure that your content has both style and substance to offer to your audience.
  • Consider influencer marketing: On Instagram, influencers are considered experts across their respective niches. If you can collaborate with them, you can access their audiences in addition to your own, which will take your brand awareness to a whole new level. In recent years, influencer marketing has benefited countless businesses on Instagram, and it can benefit you as well. However, you should pursue influencer marketing with some caution, as Instagram is full of fake influencers these days.
  • Start by promoting only a few products: If you have a large product catalog, you may be tempted to promote all your products on Instagram. However, if you truly want to reap the rewards of Instagram’s social commerce features, you should promote only a few products when starting out. Eventually, as your products generate sales, you can introduce more to your audience. The purpose of doing this is to reduce the entry barrier for audiences. For instance, if there are too many products to choose from, your audience may be overwhelmed, which increases the entry barrier. Another example of increasing the entry barrier is promoting only your costliest products.
  • Give your audience’ social proof’: Social proof refers to information about the past buyers of your products. Providing social proof to your Instagram audience can make your brand more trustworthy. One of the best examples of social proof is user-generated content, or UGC. You can share user-generated content on your feed to showcase how buyers are benefiting from your products.


So, these were a few ways of leveraging the social commerce features on Instagram. Before we bid you goodbye for this article, we’d like to remind you of TurboMedia, a software tool for free Instagram views and free Instagram likes – perfect for brands that are new to Instagram.

Unique Ways to Use Instagram Stories to Your Advantage

In recent years, Instagram has added a variety of content-sharing features for its users. Instagram Stories is one of those features. Stories posts on Instagram are temporary posts, which are similar to how the Snaps feature works in Snapchat. A user’s Instagram Stories post lasts for 24 hours, following which it disappears automatically.

Brands have leveraged the Instagram Stories feature to their advantage since its launch, and you can, as well. To know how, read on, as we take you through some unique ways to make the most of the feature.

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1. Conduct polls by using poll stickers

You can use Instagram Stories to conduct polls, which offer great ways to make your audience engage with your posts. Apart from encouraging your audience to engage, polls also help in understanding what your audience wants from you. Even a simple yes or no question can work wonders. Instagram offers users a variety of poll stickers that can be used to craft engaging Stories polls.

2. Share news about your brand’s latest developments

Whenever there’s any development in your business that you want your Instagram audience to know about, you can share it through Instagram Stories posts. While these posts may not result in increased sales, they can certainly keep your audience in the loop regarding what’s going on behind the scenes. Alongside information about your brand’s latest developments, you can also share news about giveaways and discounts through Instagram Stories.

3. Use chat stickers for hosting chats

Instagram offers chat stickers to users, and brands can use them in their Stories posts for hosting chats with up to 32 users. This is how it works – once your Stories post with chat stickers goes live, audience members that want to engage will send you a request to participate. All you have to do is approve the request. Once you do, the approved users will be able to chat with you using the stickers on the Stories post.

4. Get unique answers from your audience through the use of question stickers

Along with poll and chat stickers, you can also leverage question stickers. The biggest benefit of using question stickers is that you can get unique answers from your audience. Create custom questions with the stickers and get custom answers from your audience in return. So, if you have any brand-related questions to ask, question stickers are the way to go.

5. Do a live Stories video

Active followers receive notifications whenever you do a live Stories video, which can be incredibly effective at increasing engagement. So, when your Instagram traffic is at its peak, it’s a good idea to do a record and upload a live Stories post. Such posts tend to grab the attention of Instagram users quicker than other posts, so make the most of them.

6. Create branded stories

Instagram allows you to create branded stories, i.e., Stories posts that work like advertisements. All you need to do is to invest some money and use Facebook’s Ads Manager to promote the branded Stories posts. You can also add hashtags (up to 10) per branded Stories post, which will allow your posts to be discovered by Instagram users on the platform’s Explore tab.


So, these were a few unique ways to use Instagram Stories to your advantage. Before we end this article, we’d like to tell you about TurboMedia. If you want free Instagram followers and free Instagram likes to boost your presence on Instagram, look no further than TurboMedia.

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