All You Need to Know About Explore – Instagram’s Discovery Destination

All You Need to Know About Explore - Instagram's Discovery Destination

Instagram, a social media platform that has connected millions of people all over the world, is offering ample opportunities to businesses to showcase their products and services ideally. You might have seen several ads on this social media platform that are ideally posted by businesses to increase their Instagram followers. As a business, you would want real Instagram followers who can benefit your business. Right? What if you are given an opportunity to hit the jackpot when it comes to increasing your Instagram engagement?

Have you heard of the Instagram Discovery destination?

Ads are seen on every social media platform and are found everywhere on Instagram as well. Ads are a way for businesses to reach out to potential customers. As a customer, when you scroll down on the feeds, you will notice several ads that might interest you. But as a business, how can you place your ads to ensure that you reach out to the right customer and aid in the growth of your business?

Instagram ads are posts or stories that are targeted towards possible customers. These posts appear on customer feed and look like any other Instagram feed, but are identified under the ‘sponsored’ label. These posts are accompanied by a call to action that helps a business to drive conversion or traffic. As the number of Instagram users increased, more advertisers started using the platform. The social media platform already allows advertisers to post ads in customer feeds and stories, and the explore tab was untouched, until now.

The explore tab and advertising!

Many people believed that bringing ads to the explore tab of Instagram would just kill the experience the social media platform drives. Instagram is a free platform for users, but it is an ad-run business. To meet business’ expectations, it has to let advertisers invest in the untouched digital real estate, the explore tab on Instagram.

The ‘Explore Tab’ is Instagram’s discovery destination, which opens up a new world of feeds that users are interested in. It is considered as the holy grail of Instagram users who want to be found, who want more interaction and activity on their page, irrespective of whether they are a huge business, a celebrity, an influencer, or even a regular user. Until now, advertisers were never allowed access to the holy grail, and the explore tab was an untouched land of opportunities to businesses looking to promote their brand.

The Instagram algorithm learns about user behavior to make their experience more pleasurable on the social media platform. The explore page was made more personalized based on the user’s interests, Instagram likes, and various other activities online. It is tailored to find the most interesting content that the user has developed and constantly changes based on the accounts followed, Instagram stories and IGTC content watched, likes and comments shared, and the user’s behavior on the app. Based on user behavior, Instagram ads can be placed to increase viewer interest as Explore is the ideal place for businesses to connect with their potential customers.

Benefits of advertising on Instagram Explore!

Instagram’s discovery destination, ‘Explore’ has several key benefits to offer to businesses eager to advertise. From spiking your engagement on the social media platform to getting more conversions, Instagram Explore offered a lot of benefits that included the following.

Your ads will appear in the viewer’s browsing experience

One of the best and the most significant benefit of advertising on Instagram Explore is that you can reach out to potential customers as your ads will appear on their Explore page based on their browsing history. Instagram uses the user algorithm to increase viewer experience, which can be well utilized by advertisers.

You can reuse your existing feed ad creative

Instagram lets you leverage on and target the same people by using the existing feed ad creative in Explore as well. Instagram Explore allows all major feed formats that you can benefit from as you need not invest more an creating new feeds. The two places where you can deliver ads include Instagram Explore Feed and Instagram Explore Video.

You can extend the reach of your campaign

Ads that are posted in the Feds can be extended to Explore to increase the efficiency of an existing campaign. As an advertiser, you can drive towards efficiency gains by extending your Instagram Feed to the Explore placement.

The ads that you post on Explore will appear in the same format as it appears in Instagram feeds. Similar to the Feeds, if a potential customer clicks on a video or a photo from Explore, they may begin to see your advertisement in their browsing experience. To be able to explore all the benefits, you must first know how to get your business on the Instagram Explore page

Why should you get on the Instagram Explore page?

The Instagram Explore tab is connected to the social media platform’s search platform and is customized to some degree. You find photos and videos that pique your interest, from accounts that you don’t follow. The feeds in the Explore page are based on

  • The posts that accounts you follow have liked
  • The posts that have high engagement
  • The accounts that are very similar to the ones that you already follow

Instagram refurbished the Explore page in 2019 to offer maximum comfort to users to navigate to feeds that interest them. It offered the navigate option for users to be able to browse through the feeds based on their interest, and IGTV and Shopping tabs as well. As a business or as an influencer, you would want to be a part of this page for the following reasons.

  • It helps to increase existing customer engagement
  • Your content is surfaced to a wider audience that enables you to bump into new followers
  • It increases engagement of new followers
  • It offers possibilities of conversion if you have the right call-to-action.

By landing the right feed on Instagram Explore, you can reach out to many potential customers. In simple, your presence here will ensure that your content is viewed by more people. Now the question is, how to get featured on the Instagram Explore page?

How to get featured on the Instagram Explore page?

For advertisers, being able to offer their content on Instagram Explore is a huge opportunity as this discovery destination is still untapped widely. Just like in the main feed, viewers will see ads as a part of their browsing experience after they tap on a photo or video. Advertisers can use Explore automatic placements with the ‘opt-in to reach audiences’ option to reach a new audience who was looking to discover something new and exciting on Instagram.

A business, a celebrity, an influencer, or just a regular person, here are some tips to get featured on Instagram Explore.

Pay attention to the analytics:

Have you experienced a sudden increase in engagement? There is a high chance that some of your feeds are already appearing on Instagram Explore, which may have missed your radar. Use your analytics to understand the content that resonates with Explore. You can do this by tapping on the View Insights button that is placed underneath your post. You can gain a lot of metrics around your post and its performance which you can make use of.

Find the right time to post

Posting at the right time is the perfect win. For high engagement, the Instagram algorithm suggests prioritizing timeliness or recency. To ensure that you post at the right time, you must know when your viewers are active on Instagram, as well as when the prospective audiences are online.

Make sure that you honor your overall aesthetics on Instagram stories

You must ensure that your brand principles, style, and aesthetics are present in everything that you post. Content that is similar to a typical feed post is more likely to appear on Explore. It means that you need to nail your aesthetics every time you post something, regardless of what it is.

Don’t forget, videos are taking center stage

Due to the addition of Instagram Stories and IGTV, video content is taking all the attention on the Explore. Dedicate some time to IGTV as well as to convert your photos into video, especially if you have many photos that can attract attention. Don’t forget to create and post short videos that feature your product or the product that you want to promote in your feed.

  • Showcase the product, the brand and make sure that it gets more attention
  • Tag the products in the feed to appear in the Instagram shopping channel. You can tag the product while posting a photo as well.
  • Mention and tag the relevant brands in your post.

Product tagging helps increase your chances of appearing on Instagram Explore. It also helps to increase your followers as it captivates the audience’s attention. It is also easy to convert the audience into customers as the feed also appears in the Instagram shopping channel.

Make the best use of the ‘hashtag’

There is no denying that hashtag has a lot of power in engaging the audience, increasing followers, and in ensuring that your post is featured in Instagram Explore. The hashtags you use helps you connect with those who use the same hashtag in their post, which helps increase your audience as you will be highlighted to them. Using hashtags for major brands helps to associate yourself with them and increase your following. Remember, you must strategize while using the hashtag.

In addition to the tips mentioned above, you can use quotes in your content strategy as it shows no signs of slowing down. Having a presence on Instagram Explore has a lot of benefits. If you want to explore this amazing option on Instagram, get started on building your advertising strategies!