Instagram Story Highlights For Your Business
28th October 2022

Educational vs Promotional: How Should Your Content Mix Be on Instagram?

For modern-day businesses, there’s no social media platform that’s as potent as Instagram in terms of increasing brand awareness and driving sales. However, there’s one major obstacle that every business tends to encounter on the…

How To Use Instagram Stories To Announce Sales And Other Promotional Events?
20th October 2022

How to Use Instagram Stories to Announce Sales and Other Promotional Events?

More and more businesses are driving sales on Instagram through the use of the platform’s myriad features – one of those features is Instagram Stories. The feature has emerged as a favorite among businesses because…

The Case For Reels: Do They Help You Stand Out On Instagram?
13th October 2022

How Often Should You Do Live Videos on Instagram for Greater Engagement?

Over a million people tune into Instagram Live each day, which is a reflection of the feature’s potential. For businesses, the feature has emerged as a crucial part of their respective Instagram marketing strategies, as…

Best Minimalist Background Ideas For Instagram Picture Posts
10th October 2022

Best Minimalist Background Ideas for Instagram Picture Posts

Instagram wasn’t always a feature-rich app. In fact, when the app was first launched, all you could do was share photos on it. However, the times have changed, and today, the app has a slew…

Your Guide To Scheduling Instagram Posts In Advance
24th August 2022

The Case for Reinventing Yourself on Instagram for Better Engagement

No matter how well you market your brand on Instagram, the fact is that brands tend to stagnate over time. If your branding on Instagram has stagnated, you’re likely to see dipping engagement rates. In…

Top Tactics To Work In Brand Endorsements In Your Igtv
18th August 2022

Top Tactics to Work In Brand Endorsements In Your IGTV

IGTV is an Instagram app that allows users to create and publish long-form videos. Due to the popularity of Instagram among brands for promotions and endorsements, IGTV too has become a potent video-centric marketing platform….

Things You Can Do To Return To Normal After Your Shadow Ban Has Been Lifted
9th August 2022

Things You Can Do To Return to Normal After Your Shadow Ban Has Been Lifted

An Instagram shadow ban refers to the banning or blocking of social media content. Typically, when shadow bans are enforced on users, they are not aware of it, as shadow banning isn’t something that Instagram…

How To Choose The Right Colors For Your Instagram Aesthetic?
2nd August 2022

How to Choose the Right Colors for Your Instagram Aesthetic?

A great Instagram aesthetic is one that involves the right use of colors in the context of your brand. Different brands have achieved Instagram success by developing unique color palettes, and you can do the…

How To Leverage Instagram'S Social Commerce Features
18th July 2022

How to Leverage Instagram’s Social Commerce Features

In recent years, social commerce or Scommerce has become an industry of its own, and right now, its value is nearly a whopping $90 billion. Over the next few years, there are projections that estimate…

Unique Ways To Use Instagram Stories To Your Advantage
13th July 2022

Unique Ways to Use Instagram Stories to Your Advantage

In recent years, Instagram has added a variety of content-sharing features for its users. Instagram Stories is one of those features. Stories posts on Instagram are temporary posts, which are similar to how the Snaps…

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