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Frequently Asked Questions

The Follower count on your profile is one of the first things that visitors to your profile look at. It can cause them to decide right then and there to follow you or view your profile. Studies have shown that when you have more Followers, Likes, Views & Comments you are more likely to gain new organic Followers. With Instagram constantly updating/changing their algorithms it is becoming more and more difficult to build your account. When you buy India Instagram Followers from a reputable provider like us it gives your Instagram the competitive edge it needs to be seen and has a much higher change of creating a viral effect or building organic growth.
To ensure the highest quality service and delivery we manually review each sale. Therefore, it can take up to 24 hours for your order to begin. 99% of the time your order will start within a few hours or less. If you have a larger order it will continue each day until the service is fully delivered. If you are interested in having your Followers to be delivered at a slower speed you may wish to consider our weekly delivery plans. To view these plans, login here.
Our services are 100% safe to use. Unlike many service providers, we do not request or require your social media account password. Therefore, we are not controlling your account or directing it to do anything that it shouldn’t be doing. The services we provide have been tested countless times and continue to update and evolve with the social media applications to ensure the highest quality and best results. has provides the highest quality and most innovative Social Media Marketing services online.
Buy India Instagram Followers

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