Why No One Seems to “Like” You, and What You Can Do About It

As of June 2018, Instagram announced that the popular social media platform had reached an unprecedented 1 billion monthly users, with 500 million daily active users. This makes Instagram the second most routinely visited social media site next to Facebook, at 1.47 billion daily active users, beating out its competitor, Snapchat, who sits at a respectable 191 million daily active users. Everybody and their mother is on Instagram—literally—“liking” and “sharing” media at all hours of the day or night.

Businesses are now capitalizing on the widespread reach of the application, and since the creation of the Instagram Business Profile in 2016, there are now over 25 million business accounts on Instagram to date.

Nearly 80% of Instagrammers report that they willingly have followed multiple business profiles and view brand content from these businesses on a regular basis. Despite the ease of access companies have to potential clients via the app, Instagram business profiles are not immune to the competition. Ever-changing algorithms make reaching desired audiences more difficult than ever, and profiles are no longer being ranked based on “follower” count, but based on their levels of engagement.

So what is engagement? In the simplest of terms, engagement on Instagram is the number of “likes”, “comments”, or “shares” a given post receives. The more “likes” your page’s content has, the higher the content is ranked in the eyes of Instagram. A higher rank gives you a better chance of having your message put in front of potential consumers, therefore growing your brand awareness and overall presence.

As the importance of engagement becomes harder for users to ignore, an increasing number of individuals are opting to purchase “likes” for their profiles, and in doing so, are experiencing an immediate boost in activity on their pages. Though many social media gurus are quick to dismiss this method of obtaining “likes” as an artificial inflation of brand awareness, paying for “likes” has numerous benefits for all businesses, and is a welcome addition to any well-rounded digital marketing strategy.

“Likes” and “Followers” are not created equal.

With the recent shift in Instagram’s algorithm, “likes” are considered more important than “followers.” It is not enough for brands to simply have a large number of “followers” on their account for their content to be seen. In reality, it is estimated that a given brand’s followers will only actually see about 10% of their organically posted content. That means 90% of your perfectly curated posts will never reach the consumer, essentially wasting your time and your resources. In order for a business to be visible in the Instagram community, audience members must be actively “liking” and engaging with that business’s posts.  When you buy Instagram likes, your brand will stand out as the appealing concept it is, reach a wider audience, and convert prospects to consumers.

Increased number of “likes” leads to increased brand visibility.

Instagram rewards posts with high levels of engagement by exposing them to a broader audience that is also likely to engage with your posts. Here’s how it works; if you post a picture of a delicious ice cream cone and that post gets a bunch of “likes,” it will most likely rank higher than similar popular posts with the same hashtags. According to a recent poll by Omnicore, 95 million pictures are uploaded to Instagram each day. With that level of competition, how can you know for sure that your audience is actually seeing what you post? When you buy Instagram likes, not only will your content sit higher on your follower’s own feeds, but followers of followers will have an increased chance of seeing your posts pop up as well. You could even land a spot on Instagram’s Explore Page, a nifty little feature that compiles all of the posts that the user has “liked,” as well as posts that are “liked” by profiles the user typically engages with. By making the decision to buy Instagram likes for your page, you are giving your content a boost that could exponentially increase visibility, and introduce you to niche markets your brand has yet to explore.

Other platforms pick up posts with high levels of engagement.

If you’re going to buy social media “likes,” Instagram is the platform to do it. Since the format is centered on the sharing of pictures, Instagram allows for users to experience everything your brand has to offer in the palm of their hand. Even Facebook took notice of the incredible impact of Instagram, and purchased the application for a whopping $1 Billion dollars in 2012. Both applications link together seamlessly, making sharing across multiple platforms a breeze for clients, and from there, the sky’s the limit. Once trust is established for your business, your following will grow, and your content will continue to be compelling and relevant. The first step in this miraculous process is to build engagement. When you buy Instagram likes, you are positioning your brand to be exposed to diverse markets of incomprehensible size and influence.

Your brand could use a kick-start.

It’s rough out there. The road to a healthy organic Instagram following is long and hard, and developing consistent profile traffic means putting in lengthy hours. According to Social Media Growth Specialist, Talia Koren, building a following on any platform takes dedication, skill, and, you guessed it, lots and lots of time. By purchasing likes on Instagram your brand will receive a leg-up on the journey to a widespread social media presence by immediately amplifying engagement. This will in turn lead to rapidly increased visibility and brand presence, not to mention save you valuable hours and energy that can be better utilized toward your other business initiatives.

Increased brand legitimacy.

“Social Proof” is a term used to denote a powerful phenomenon where individuals identify correct social behavior based off of the behavior of others. Humans are pack animals by nature. If individuals see a post with a high number of “likes,” those individuals are likely to conclude that it is appropriate, or even necessary, for them to “like” said content as well.

Instagram is essentially a way to personify your brand, and to make it more relatable to the consumer
An Instagrammer might consider their personal friend’s profile with low engagement unpopular, in the same way that a business profile with low engagement could be considered unpopular. This creates what is called a “legitimacy gap,” where there is a discrepancy between the intended identity of a brand, and how that identity is received by the consumer. So if your brand’s profile has a catchy bio about how you are community oriented and well-connected, but no one is engaging with your content, the consumer will infer that you are not as well-connected or popular as you say you are. When you buy Instagram likes, you can bridge the gap for the customer, and increase brand legitimacy and following.

Increased revenue.

ROI is the bottom line. Your brand’s participation with Instagram ultimately has the goal of increasing profits and converting individuals from viewers to patrons. The number of likes” you receive on a specific post is essentially a review of the post’s content. Buying Instagram likes has a high return on investment because your product is perceived as better or more reliable, and consumers viewing your page are more likely to purchase that specific item. Audience members are no longer willing to be guided by standard network commercials filled with glittering generalities. They are turning to review sites like Yelp and Google, and yes, Instagram, to gain information about products from their fellow consumers. The more “likes” you have on your content, the more your products will be sought after. Purchasing “likes” drives business profits up by showing consumers that your products are high quality and in-demand.

So what does this mean for your brand?

If you’ve already taken the step and made a business profile on Instagram for your brand, good for you, you’re on the right track. The value of the platform is pivotal in connecting brands with consumers and providing an immersive view of an organization’s culture and concept for potential clients. A strong Instagram presence is essential to any business’s marketing plan, and that presence boils down to “comments,” “shares” and “likes”. Remember, Instagram has 500 million daily users, and in order get noticed by those users, your brand must have high levels of engagement. Buying Instagram “likes” immediately delivers rapid engagement growth, exposes your brands to a wider audience, increases brand legitimacy, and could serve as just the boost you need to make the transition from observer to influencer. Buying “likes” is an essential Social Media Marketing tactic, delivering the results your brand needs, where you need it most.

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